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The 3 Doubts That Destroy Dreams

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Everyone has dreams, but how many actually attain their dreams? Most of us never give our dreams a chance because we are too busy letting doubt get in the way. Today I will talk about the three biggest doubts that destroy dreams:

  1. BUT WHAT IF? "But What If" is the No. 1 way we sabotage our dreams. We essentially fall into a deep hole of "But What If" and it is hard for many to climb back out and go for our dreams. We say things like, "but what if it doesn't work out" or, "but what if my family doesn't approve" or, "but what if I can't find the time in my schedule." The list goes on and on, but we have to learn to shove those "But What Ifs" out of our mind if we are to start our journey to reaching our dreams.

  • I'M NOT______ENOUGH
    Another doubt that gets in our way is, "I'm not _____enough." This doubt is particularly hurtful to you because you are not only hurting your chance of reaching your dreams, you are casting doubt on yourself as a person. "I'm not strong enough," "I'm not ambitious enough," "I'm not smart enough," are all things we tell ourselves to push us further away from our dreams. Instead of saying, "I'm not ____enough," say, "I AM ENOUGH!"

    The last doubt that gets in the way of our dreams is, "I don't have enough." Often it is time and money that we feel we do not have enough of. The truth is that you can always make time and if you don't take the time to really figure out the financial cost of your dream, you don't know if you don't have enough money. The key is to set aside time each day or each week to work on your dream. Don't put it on the "to do" list. Figure out how much it would really cost to make that dream come true and then create action steps to make it happen. Get creative with it!
  • If we are ever to reach our dreams we need to learn to cast these doubts aside. It is time to take action on your dreams and make them a reality!