The 31st Thing Every Woman Should Have & Should Know By The Time She's 30

Fifteen years older, and theoretically wiser, than I was when I wrote the original Glamour list that's now the New York Times bestselling book, "30 Things Every Woman Should Have & Should Know By The Time She's 30," I find myself still returning to it for guidance. Should I buy that dress? Absolutely: I need something perfect in my closet in case of a last-minute job interview. What's more, I'll let myself believe that I deserve it.

The list has been instrumental in everything from the establishment of my retirement account to the resolution of my childhood issues to the purchase of several non-shame-producing umbrellas.

As useful and universal as the experience of living with the list has been, I can't help thinking: Isn't there something else we might add to the roster? We're always changing and growing, after all; mightn't The List reach in new directions too?

So Glamour and I asked the wisest people we know to suggest a 31st item for The List. Their suggestions provide lots of fresh inspiration and new goals for women of any age. I'll never again take the coward's way out, remembering my friend Benilde Little's advice to say anything important in person and not electronically. And I'm moved to expand my horizons by my globe-trotting nephew Charley Fulkerson's suggestion that every woman should have a passport filled with at least as many stamps as her age.

A handful of these 31st items made it into the book, but lots of excellent ideas had to be cut for space and now can be included here. Plus I'd love to hear your ideas for the 31st thing.

Here, my favorite ideas for more things you should have by the time you're 30:

The 31st Thing Every Woman Should Have & Should Know By The Time She’s 30

What's your 31st thing? Let us know in the comments.