The 3D Printshow: The Latest in 3D Printing

The 3D Printshow: The Latest in 3D Printing
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The 3D Printshow that recently concluded at the Business Design Centre in London, UK brought together cutting edge technology and applications. The event featured applications of 3D printing in the areas of art, fashion, architecture, education, medicine, and the movie industry. I was honored to participate as one of the artists featured in the Art Gallery.

The event was highly successful with more than 13,000 visitors. It started with an opening keynote by Bre Pettis CEO of MakerBot, and the exhibitors included the leading industry players in 3D printing. Below are some of the highlights.

The 3D Modeling Software: Anarkik 3D Design
Anarkik 3D Design is a 3D modeling software bundled with the Falcon haptic device. The haptic interface replaces the mouse and force feedback provides users with a real sense of touching their 3D models, resulting in greater creativity. The software received the Best Consumer Software Award.

The 3D Design App: Autodesk 123D Creature
Recently added to a series of free 3D design apps, 123D Creature by Autodesk allows users to design 3D characters directly on their iPads. These 3D creatures can be exported as an image or a 3D model that can be 3D printed. This app received the Best Online App Award.

The 3D Printer: Delta WASP
Delta WASP, a lab, research, and production center aims at building houses at a very low cost using 3D printers. They developed 3D printers that use clay to print 3D objects. The team is currently experimenting with a variety of additives that will solidify clay soon after the 3D model is printed. The company received the Green Award.

The 3D Printing Community: 3D Hubs
3D Hubs built a collaborative platform that brings together owners of 3D printers and those who want to 3D print. Anyone can upload a 3D design and choose the nearest 3D printer location for fast and local delivery. This collaborative platform is likely to have a major impact on manufacturing in the future.

The 3D Printing Blog: Fabbaloo
A very interesting presentation on the Lifecycle of 3D Printing was delivered by Kerry Stevenson. His blog, Fabbaloo, focuses on 3D printing and personal manufacturing, and is one of the most comprehensive resources on the latest developments in 3D printing.

The 3D Printshow will be coming to New York City, London, Paris, Dubai, and Singapore in 2014.

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