The 4 Cs of Writing a Book

Few things are more daunting than staring at that blank computer screen after you've made the decision to write your first book. But it doesn't have to be so overwhelming.

I break the process down into the four Cs: Concept, Content, Construction, and Campaign.

Using these as a guide, you can go from committing to writing your book to becoming a bestselling author!

Let's look at the desired outcome(s) for each of these steps:


The concept phase of creating your book is about defining who you are in the marketplace, who is your ideal reader, and what is the Big Problem you are going to solve for them. This becomes the foundation for every decision you will make as you work through your book.

The question you'll continue to ask yourself is, "Does this decision move the book closer to fulfilling the concept statement?" If it does, keep going. If it doesn't, there is no need to invest any resources in it.


The content phase results in three outcomes--the creation of the outline, making a content inventory, and completing a rough manuscript. These are covered in detail in my previous article, Building Your Book: How to Generate Content.

The goal is to produce a manuscript that is appropriately written for your intended audience. An attorney, for example, writing for other attorneys is going to pen a different book than an attorney writing for the general public.


When the rough draft manuscript is complete, the construction phase begins to take that manuscript and turn it into an actual book. Once you've read through the entire manuscript several times and you're satisfied it delivers its message for the target reader, it is time for editing, proofreading, and formatting.

The editor/proofreader can be a professional that you've hired from a site like,, or someone you've found in your personal network.

During the construction phase, decisions about covers, photos, and graphics are made that will help align the book with any branding that needs to be considered. The final result is a collection of files ready to be sent for the production of the ebook, paperback, and hardcover editions.


Finally, while the book is being produced it is time to craft the promotional campaign so readers can find your book. This is about creating a marketing plan for the book that might include a book launch event, bestseller campaign, book signing, and getting the media to start talking about you and your new book.

The marketing plan also includes designing the appropriate marketing materials for you as the author. When trying to attract media attention, it is just as important to sell the author as it is the book.

By following these 4 C's, it'll take most of the uncertainty and uneasiness out of the writing process.


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