The 4 Keys to Conscious Entrepreneur Health

The 4 Keys to Conscious Entrepreneur Health
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If you want to make an important contribution to our world and achieve financial success, then you must generate abundant energy so you can "fire on all cylinders." To excel as an entrepreneur, you must consciously choose a healthy lifestyle, one that will energize you and supports your business success. This is the only way you can perform at your peak and achieve your maximum results each day.


It is important to understand that your overall health extends past your physical strength and fitness, which is the first dimension of health. There are three additional critical dimensions to a persons overall health.

The second dimension, which is mental health, consists of the thoughts that feed your mindset, including habitual statements that you make to yourself as well as the messages you receive from the environment in which you live.

The third dimension of health comes from your emotions. When you are positive and passionate about your activities, your enthusiasm and motivation can provide a jet blast of energy. Positive, loving thoughts and emotions of gratitude also generate a great boost to your immune system.

The fourth dimension is spiritual health or well-being. Spiritual health includes experiencing a connection to something that is bigger than you. This gives you a true sense of purpose, one that makes will feel energized to move forward.

If you neglect any aspect of your overall health, you are more likely to feel sluggish and lack the energy, focus, and passion necessary to lead others and build a business. You may feel like you are living halfway instead of fully.

By contrast, when you are maximizing the four dimensions of a healthy state, you have the energy needed to lead, grow your business, and make your conscious contribution to your community and the world.

If you want to achieve full health and vitality, then include each of the following in your lifestyle. As with all health matters, consult your physician or health adviser before embarking on any diet changes or beginning any exercise programs. Some of the information in this section may not be suitable for you and your health situation.


For many people, a healthy diet may include whole foods, such as: freshly harvested vegetables and fruits together with whole grains, fish and small amounts of animal protein. For me, I've discovered that the healthiest way to live is to either completely, or significantly, eliminate the foods that may cause long-term health problems.

The foods you may want to eliminate include: sugar, white flour, processed and chemically enhanced foods, soda drinks, as well as large amounts of animal fats, caffeine, and excessive alcohol. In addition, drink filtered water throughout the day.


Engaging in regular exercise is critical to a healthy lifestyle. There are three important types of exercise:

Aerobics helps your cardiovascular system and lymphatic systems as well as increases your endurance and stamina.

Strength training, through the usage of weights, adds stability to your core, increases your strength, and speeds up your metabolism due to increasing muscle mass.

Stretching not only warms your body up prior to physical exercise and cools it down afterward, it also enhances your body's overall flexibility.


I suggest you develop an energy practice that includes one or more of these: qigong, tai chi, yoga, or deep breathing. Performing one or more types of energy movements will help you to consciously relax while also vitalizing your body in ways that promote holistic health. This is because energy practices involve the body, mind, heart, and soul. They also bring many people into a deeper spiritual connection.


In order to revitalize and achieve your optimum health, allow time to get adequate sleep so you can fully recover. For the typical person, seven to eight hours of sleep each day is ideal. To enhance the quality of your sleep, refrain from caffeine and eating at least two to three hours prior to sleep. As entrepreneurs, we are often driven to work long hours for days and weeks without a real break.

To attain sustained excellence, take one or more days away from your work each week. Your body, mind, emotions, and spirit need "down time." Vacations in places which support your rejuvenation and well-being are ideal for this.

Your body, mind, emotion, and spirit combine to fuel your health and keep you moving forward as a conscious leader. Together, they create your energy state. To lead at your peak level, consciously choose to attain all four areas of vitality: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Developing and maintaining vital health and fitness is the foundation for all the success you will have, both as a leader and as an entrepreneur. Make a conscious choice today to develop a healthy life!

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