The 4 Measures Of Right Knowledge

The 4 Measures Of Right Knowledge
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I hesitate to share this because I'd like to earn a trillion dollars from it, but what the heck. That's a joke by the way. Does anyone here have a sense of humor? Hello...

So what I am about to share is my own method of determining right knowledge. It was given to me by source energy and I do not remember exactly when, but I have been using it for years, and have trained many people in the use of it.

It has never let anybody down- and we use it often, sometimes daily.

It came to me after I put out the request to the Universe to give me guidance about all the information I was getting after being on the internet for 10 or more years. And these rules have stayed with me for years after that point in time.

Now, there are many implications that may only be able to be understood by someone who is trained in Truth Teaching, however I guarantee 100% staking my reputation, that the following measures are correct, and truthful.

So... here they are: The Four Measures of Right Knowledge.

1. It must be easy and simple to understand.

2. It must be able to be applied somehow to your situation.

3. There must be a benefit.

4. Does it limit you, or make you more unlimited? It must make you more unlimited.

If you measure every single thing you read or hear accurately, with these rules, you will always be right- or at least never believe wrong knowledge.

So lets break this down a bit.

First, Truth is always easy and simple. If something seems complicated that is a red flag.

For instance math seems complicated. And isn't math always changing... And can't a talented mathematician find ways to create new rules all the time.

Math is simply based on the Law of Supposition. 2 + 2 only equals 4 because we "suppose" that the person who taught us that was right. And so on and so on. (Let that sentence breathe in your mind for a bit.)

All schooling is just a system of pre-supposed agreements, which we agree to suppose are true.

And none of those things are really true. They are all just very good illusions based on the Law of Supposition which dwells in the atmosphere of Maya. Truth is not illusion...

Pure Truth is that which never changes.

Use this maxim to expose the illusion of Maya which all humans dwell in.

Some contracts are very complicated. And how many dishonest clauses are often in many contracts....

Of course, we could devote volumes of writing, and hundreds of hours of discussion about what truth is. So instead of that for now, you might just want to try these rules and see if it works for you. I know it will.

Secondly, for something to be right and not wrong, you must be able to find an application for it in your life or situation. If you cannot find a way to apply a nice thing that you heard, then there is a good chance that you are only hearing wrong knowledge designed to manipulate and deceive.

Thirdly... There must be a benefit. Source is True. Source is nothing but benefit. If something is not aligned with source, it is not aligned with truth. So in order to know if something is right, there must be a benefit. If you cannot find the benefit, then either a) you have not looked hard enough, or b) it is wrong knowledge designed to deceive you.

And Finally Number Four is that the knowledge must make you more unlimited. IF it is making you limited by hearing it, then it is wrong knowledge.

So wrapping this up, I must say a few things. First of all, your success with this will depend on how accurately you use the measurings. I suppose it is possible for someone to inaccurately measure.

Your own level of understanding about what Truth is depends on your readiness to face self deception and transcend the stored feelings of your experiences.

So with these two factors people's experience with these Four Measures will vary. But all in all, most people who are doing this mostly right, will definitely find life improvements.

Exploring what Truth is and how it relates to manifesting a desirable life is something I cover in my ongoing classes which I call "The Psychic Path To Full Realization".

It is something that is not learned once, but it is more of a lifestyle and way of life. I wish you godspeed or whatever is best for you.



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