The 4 Most Telling Moments of the Republican Town Hall in Milwaukee

Last night, CNN aired the latest GOP Town Hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with the final three Republican candidates for president: Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and Governor John Kasich.

Many say Governor John Kasich won the Milwaukee Town Hall.

One thing is for sure--networks shouldn't worry about Town Hall ratings anymore, because last night was nothing short of entertaining.

The race has gotten uglier as more and more states vote for the Republican nominee. While there were some great (and not-so-great) questions asked both by CNN host Anderson Cooper and by audience members, the main focus was on the moments when Trump, Cruz, and Kasich seemed to screw up.

The biggest example? When Cooper asked Trump about how both Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump had been dragged through the mud, Trump simply said,

"I didn't start it."

And that was just one of the dramatic moments of the night.

Did you miss out on the Wisconsin Town Hall drama? Don't worry--we've rounded up the best moments for you here.

All 3 candidates went back on their promise to back the Republican nominee.

Remember the first debate, when the candidates were asked if they would back whoever becomes their party's nominee? Remember how Trump, Cruz, and Kasich all said they would? Yeah, you can forget that, because all three of them have changed their minds.

Cruz now refuses to support anyone who attacked his wife and family.

He didn't specifically use Trump's name, but everyone knew who he was talking about. This tweet hasn't faded from memory yet:

Trump, meanwhile, said he didn't want or need Cruz's support anyway. So there. He also claimed that he had been treated unfairly by the Republican establishment and was scrapping his pledge for that reason.

Kasich also refused to name names, but said that he wouldn't support a candidate he thought would hurt the country.

So much for that signed pledge the candidates handed over last September.

Donald Trump is afraid of a pen.

No, really.

Corey Lewandowski, Trump's campaign manager, was just charged with battery (using physical force in a harmful, offensive, or sexual way) after roughly handling a Breitbart reporter in the aftermath of his infamous "Trump steaks" press conference.

At first Trump tried to blow it off...

...but then he changed his tune and said that the reporter, Michelle Fields, was a potential threat and that was why Lewandowski had to act.

She was holding a pen, by the way.

When asked about it at the Town Hall yesterday, Trump stood by Lewandowski and hinted that Fields was making it all up for attention. He even said that he might press charges against her himself.

So in Donald Trump's version of this story, somehow, Fields was both making it up and posing a threat with a pen.

We'll see if he actually does press charges or what.

Cruz really loves his mom.

When asked about what he would do to convince women to vote for him, Ted Cruz responded with a long answer about the strong women in his life.

For some, this went over really well.

Others thought he avoided the question of how he was going to convince those strong women to, you know, vote for him.

BTW, today Cruz is holding a "Women for Cruz" event.

Kasich refuses to sink to the level of his fellow candidates.

While Trump and Cruz tear each other to pieces, Kasich has chosen to take the high road. He won't directly attack either of his opponents and won't purposefully stir up voters, either--he says he could, but that's "not what leaders do."

In contrast to Trump's refusal to fire Lewandowski, Kasich was pretty firm about the actions of his campaign manager. While Kasich himself hasn't started throwing punches, his campaign manger tweets things like this:

Kasich disapproves of him getting a little "tweet-happy" and said he'd talk to him about it, just before saying that this campaign has set a bad example for children who are just learning about American politics.

Some think his performance made him the winner of the Town Hall.

What do you think? Who performed best--Trump, Cruz, or Kasich?

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