The 4 Things Your Business or Technological Company Needs for a Clear Brand

Branding is a big topic that leaves many entrepreneurs and businesses scratching their heads. How do I go about branding my products and services? Media experts help businesses and companies build their brands. Books have been written about branding. But still, businesses can't outsource this task without knowing themselves what makes their brand unique and different from the others.

When I first started out figuring my branding, I looked first at the issues I was struggling with. Did I want to be known as a body image speaker, and talk about body image and self-esteem as issues I'd struggled myself or speak on the issues facing women, particularly middle aged women who struggle to see themselves as successful and valuable in the workplace?

Have you found yourself trying to figure out what your business brand is? Read on for four things your business or technology type brand needs:

Figure Out How You Want to be Known

Before you start creating a website or blog that helps build or strengthen your brand, figure out as a business owner, how you want to be known.

For example, if you're an author using your book to brand your business as many currently do, ask yourself the following questions around ...How do you want to be known?

1.What kinds of writing will you do?
2. What subjects are you an expert in?
3. What stories will you tell to cement your expertise?
4. What themes will you cover in your content marketing?
5. What kinds of clients or customers will you attract?
6. Is your book part of a sequel or series?

Now take a look at your list. Is there a pattern that highlights who you are?

Branding can also be around your name alone as long as people know who you are and what kind of writing you stand for.

Get clear on your online persona

Now that you've thought a bit about your expertise and authorship and how they give your brand credibility, think about your "online image." This is the emotional part of branding that cannot be outsourced. For example, when prospects land on your website and notice your logo and design, how do you want them to feel? What will they be drawn to doing? Do you want them to feel more confident in their ability to write? Uplifted? What colors, words, phrases, and images will people associate you with?

Give thought to clear branding

Your business must have a title and a tagline. You also need a URL with your business name (or your name if you're the name behind the business) so readers and media can easily find you. Do you also have some kind of expert status?

Support your online brand with lots of content marketing

Create quality content that serves your target market and builds your business. Quality content includes blogging, email marketing, teleseminars, webinars, speaking events, and so on.

Each time you post to your blog, ask yourself if you're helping your target audience solve a specific problem. If you're writing a lot of "fluff," chances are you aren't building a business that supports a brand.

To build your brand, you need to strategize content which means educating your audience. When you understand the problems facing your target audience, you can also integrate optimized titles, SEO tags and keywords to help build your rankings in the search engines.