The 4 Types of Couples On Social Media

I was innocently scrolling through my Facebook news feed before bed a few nights ago, and I noticed a friend had checked-in to a location they created called "our bed," with their significant other tagged and the caption "sweet dreams."

Now, through the years I've grown used to friends oversharing on social media, but this particular post took it to a new level. Not only is disclosing that you're in bed slightly dangerous, it crosses the line of what a "friend" on Facebook should know about your intimate relationship.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't always think about who might actually read my status before I click "post." My girlfriend and I post on our personal social media accounts all the time -- frequently about each other -- but the level of overshare in that check-in resulted in my quest to uncover the different ways couples use social media. These are the four types of couples I came across.

The Oversharers

Whether these two are fighting, doting on one another or checking in to their bed on social media, they can't stop talking about each other. They're the type to post a #wcw on Instagram, and follow it up with a post on Facebook (not more than a few months later) detailing a paternity test battle with their partner. This oversharing couple is likely the most common of the four that you'll see when scrolling through your news feed.

The Socially Silent Couple

The socially silent couple is actually only silent about one of the most important topics - each other. These two have active social media presences across multiple sites, with posts about their recent brewery visits, weekend brunches with friends, accomplishments at work and weeknight workouts (the list goes on.) But, this couple has no social media posts about each other. At first glance to their news feed, a work acquaintance or peripheral friend would be unaware that either is in a relationship altogether. My sense is they're both trying to play it cool, or they just want to keep their options open.

The Sarcastic Pair

My girlfriend and I probably fall under this category (some of my friends might argue for the oversharers categories.) These two aren't always the sweetest to one another via social media. Think of when you're in grade school and you poke fun at the girl/boy you like -- that's the sarcastic pair in a nutshell. The problem is that sarcasm is really hard to convey in the social space. Case and point: My mom was once concerned if one of my best friends really even liked me because of the sarcastic nature of their comments on my Facebook posts. Note to all of my friends: Don't mock me for wearing non-prescription glasses. Anyway, to sum up this pair, their social media connections, who don't know them well, are still trying to figure out if the two even like each other.

The One-Sided Social Relationship

I cringe every time I see this couple when scrolling through any of my social news feeds. They're a combination of two of the above categories -- one part oversharer; one part socially silent. I'm still trying to figure out if the louder half is more into the relationship than the quiet half -- or if both just have two different social media sharing styles. I guess time will tell. Nevertheless, the oversharer in this duo can be seen on your news feed posting selfies with their significant other, who looks less than amused -- no matter if it's filtered with Valencia or Lo-Fi.

Alright, now all couples -- no matter the type -- enjoy your Valentine's Day, and post whatever the hell you want.