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Dental Tourism to Thailand has 5 benefits

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Dental insurance is as hot a topic as ever. While seemingly quite important, the lack of coverage and phenomenally high costs make it difficult to get the treatments needed. In fact, not taking care of your teeth can cause significantly detrimental and expensive problems down the road. As more and more companies seem to be failing their employees by failing to provide dental insurance, more people are looking into dental tourism.

As Thailand is known for high quality services and dramatically low prices, it is becoming a top destination for dental tourism. If you've never considered it before, here are just a few reasons why dental tourism in Thailand could be beneficial for your teeth.

Low Costs

I couldn't start this list without low costs being at the top now could I? The foremost perk of traveling to Thailand to get dental work done is that it is significantly cheaper than what you will get at home. While one root canal without insurance could put you thousands of dollars in the hole at home, the same procedure can be easily paid for out of pocket in Thailand. With savings of around 50%, you can get implants, crowns, dentures and cleanings that are actually affordable. While something like dental veneers can run about $1,800 in the U.S, prices can drop to around $250 in Thailand, according to a recent survey.

Quality Care & Safety

OK, while you might be thinking that prices are so low because quality is poor, think again. The cost of living in Thailand is much lower than other westernized countries and while the prices of dental care may seem shockingly low for you, it is actually on par with living standards in Thailand. Medical tourism has been going on in Thailand for years and since it attracts so many visitors and their money, the Thai government works closely with public health organizations to make sure that everything is up to standards. The dentists, especially in Bangkok, are highly qualified, often times have studied abroad and are frequently affiliated with both national and international dental organizations.

A Variety of Dental Treatments

Getting dental cleanings may not be a good enough reason to head to Thailand twice a year. However, the dental facilities there offer a wide array of procedures which are notoriously pricey in western countries. Their advancements in their procedures are on par with the rest of the world and travelers can make their way to the country for dental implants, veneers, oral surgery, and realignment for teeth. Contacting a reputable dental center, like Thantakit International, can help you determine what you need and what is involved. Plus, the quality of the actual materials is just as good as if not better than the ones found in westernized countries.

Patient Friendly Centers

The dental tourism industry in Thailand, is just that; a combination of Dentistry and Tourism. While dental facilities in your own country may solely focus on the dental business, the facilities in Thailand are doubly working to provide a welcoming and pleasant experience for tourists. Most dental clinics in Thailand will try to provide the best experience for their patients by making the process hassle free and providing plenty of English speaking staff.

A Chance For Vacation

A definite added perk of getting dental work done in Thailand is the chance to travel. Thailand is a gorgeous country full of intriguing cities and stunning islands. After all is said and done with your procedures, take some time to do some island hopping or get in touch with the culture. Why not?

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