The 5 Best Last-Minute Summer Getaways

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On this week’s Travelogue podcast, our editors discussed their top picks for last minute trips to take in the last few weeks of summer. From Portland, Maine to Bermuda to Hong Kong, there are plenty of options near and far for a spontaneous final trip in August or September. So be spontaneous and book a trip to one of these hot spots.

1. Hong Kong

“A fare war is still keeping prices for round-trip flights to Hong Kong at an all time low. You can still find September flights for less than $600, which is an incredible steal.” -Meredith Carey

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2. Portland, Maine

“I go to Portland every July and I think you probably can’t find a better eating town of its size in the United States. Everyone knows about these places, but they’re truly worth the visit and for a town of about 60,000 people to have Eventide Oyster, Honey Paw, Central Provisions, and Miyake all right there, it’s incredible. You could go for a long weekend and never have a bad meal.” -Brad Rickman

3. Aspen, Colorado

“I’ve been to Aspen in the summer for the Food & Wine festival and it feels like you’re stepping into a remake of the Sound of Music. And the weather, the weather is just flawless: just warm enough and not humid at all. Over the Food & Wine festival, you’ll pay through the nose, but during the summer, in the off season, a lot of the ski resorts are offering great deals.” -Mark Ellwood

4. London

“Flight prices to London in the summer are always high but they’re the lowest I’ve ever seen them. They’re under $1,000, which for August is unheard of. If you wait until September, we’ve seen fares in the $500 range, and your dollar will now go a lot further.” -Mark Ellwood

5. Edinburgh

“Wow Air just launched $189 one-way fares from the U.S. to Edinburgh, which is alone a reason to go. From Boston, D.C., L.A, and San Francisco you can now get there and back for under $400 with the option of a stopover in Reykjavik.” -Meredith Carey

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