The 5 Best Spots for Lobster This Summer

Maine may be many's first pick for the destination with the best lobster in the United States, but we've found some spots across the country with delicious lobster dishes as well.
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Maine may be many's first pick for the destination with the best lobster in the United States, but we've found some spots across the country with delicious lobster dishes as well. Check out the five best destinations for lobster this summer. Don't worry, a hotel in Maine makes the list -- but be warned that your mouth will be watering by the time you've finished reading this post!

-- Lara Grant,


The White Barn Inn and Spa is one of the premier luxury options in Maine, offering a true boutique experience in charming Kennebunk. Its 26 rooms are housed in a historic building with elegant decor, and the spa is arguably one of the best in the region. The much-acclaimed restaurant serves outstanding (and pricey) seasonal cuisine in an 1820srestored barn, and this week it's serving up a lobster spring roll with carrot, daikon radish and snow pea topped by a Thai-inspired spicy-sweet sauce. Today only, they'll also be celebrating with a "Crustacean and Chip Dinner" that includes beer battered lobster and fries with a spicy-sweet sauce for $38.


The 114-room Cheeca Lodge was one of the original luxury properties on Islamorada, dating to 1946 and earning plenty of celebrity cachet over the years (high-profile guests have included George W. Bush). The property was rebuilt after a fire gutted its main building in 2009, and it now has bright, spacious rooms with tropical-luxe decor and massive bathrooms. The hotel's open-air Tiki Bar has a lobster grilled cheese with brie on sourdough bread for $18.


The 109-room Gurney's Montauk stands out among Hamptons hotels, quite literally: It's one of the largest resorts in the area, and it also has the best beachfront location. No other Montauk resort compares in terms of features, and no Hamptons resort (except for the Panoramic View next door) can match its truly terrific, and massive, stretch of sand. The free spa facilities (including an indoor pool and Roman bath) are also highlights. Its new bistro-style restaurant, Tillie's, has a Long Island lobster served up on a potato roll with sriracha mayo for $22.


The Winnetu, a massive property (by Martha's Vineyard standards) with gorgeous views and a location within a quick walk of the beach, doesn't come cheap. But families with kids will appreciate that the majority of activities offered are included in the room rates. The rooms are simple but comfortable, and refreshingly decorated in a colorful, coastal-cottage style. All rooms offer the amenities for cooking in, but the on-site gourmet grill is a delicious option for dining out as well; The Dunes restaurant has a lobster pot pie with New England lobster and vegetables in a lobster cream sauce ($19).


The meticulously curated, vintage-inspired design will be a turn-off for some -- the Ace doesn't aspire to most conventional notions of luxury -- but the property is as cool, comfortable, and inviting in its own way as any fancy downtown hipster boutique. The hotel's John Dory Oyster Bar is surrounded by two globe aquariums dedicated to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans; it serves up a cold poached lobster with tomalley vinaigrette ($19), as well as a lobster roll with waffle chips ($29).