The 5 Dollar Outsource

You run your own company, you took a course on "how to build a website" and have created a fairly decent website for your business. However, you need something that seems relatively simple. You want to be able to have a contact form that allows people to e-mail you directly without having to open up their e-mail client (gmail, outlook, etc.). Unfortunately, this requires coding that 10 years ago may have cost you quite a bit of money to get custom built.

It was only a matter of time before a platform was developed that enabled someone in that situation to reach out to someone else across the world and ask them build that functionality at a very affordable price. Fiverr has been around for some time, but I've noticed more and more companies are utilizing it to "outsource" smaller projects. I've also encountered quite a few people in my networking who have reached out to fiverr members to build custom code and projects for them.

Fiverr works fairly simply. You can search or browse the available work that people are willing to do across the world for $5 (sometimes more depending on the "job" ) and purchase it from them. These range from people printing and handing out flyers in their home towns to people reviewing or writing copy]for your advertisements. Need a pretty girl standing in a bikini talking about your business on video ? That's probably available as well. But under the covers lays a much bigger opportunity for outsourcing small projects to some very intelligent people all over the world.

If you are searching for a specific project but it's not listed all you have to do is find something related. For example. At the time of your search you may not find "custom contact form for your website" but you may find a user who is willing to write "custom php scripting". Simply contact that user via the site and ask them if they are willing to do a custom form for you and I can almost guarantee you will find someone who will be able to take on your project.

What does this mean? It means that everyone who is offering services that are available on Fiverr should start monitoring the site and paying attention to the "jobs" and members that are being used frequently. It also provides an opportunity for self motivated people who don't want to pay a firm or agency a ton of dough to create something simple for them.