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The 5 Fashion, Beauty And Home Decor Trends To Invest In In 2016

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A new year means all kinds of things coming at you -- a new year, new month, new season. You probably already spent at least one night dreaming up all your goals and things you want to accomplish, or guilting yourself into making fitness resolutions from all the indulging you did during the holiday season. It's already exhausting, and we're not out of the end of December yet.

At least your beauty, home and fashion investments do the work for you. Treat yourself, because really, these are the kind of investments that pay off, too.


1. Blue Beauty. Yes, it's bolder than your taupe/tan/just enough shimmer to be dangerous usual, but blue can work for you. It's a trend that can be subtle or completely over the top, entirely depending on you. If bright blue isn't your thing, navy is the answer. The eyes are where it is at this year, but if you're not into blue on the lids or lashes, the mani-pedi can do the trick. Shadow, Nars Cosmetics


2. Block Heel. Put the stiletto to rest, tuck away the kitten, and ditch the flats for the new season. The block heel has your back with a little of all three. You get the height of your treasured stiletto, with the comfort of the kitten or the flat. What's great about this trend isn't that it's just totally workable -- you'll be able to hustle through all your new season goals and ambitions in comfort and style. Count us in. Shoe, Meghan Says


3. Serenity. Or not, because Pantone named not one but two Color of the Year winners this year and now you can choose. Either one can get the job done to update your home, makeup bag or wardrobe, but Serenity blue has that never-been-seen-before vibe that feels all the excitement you want from a new item and a new year. Keep it simple with a touch or two, or go big. This color doesn't overdo it, and can come in a huge range of hues for a fit that's perfect just for you. Rug, Wayfair


4. Shapes. Circles, triangles, squares. It's all ultra relevant for 2016. Look for this trend in everything from home decor to fashion and style items. You'll find shapes large or small, combined together in different sizes, or contrasting shapes within the same piece. Regardless, work it your way first by selecting the shape that speaks your unique taste and personality, and play and experiment from there. Vase, Jonathan Alder


5. Ruffle. It's oh so pretty in any outfit or on a fashion item of any kind, and thankfully there should be plenty of just that to choose from in 2016. It's not just in the subtle form, but bold and dynamic - in fact, ruffles will get outright audacious and obnoxious and that is the way we like it. Though you can still work the look with something sweet and simple. Ruffle won't just be for the fashionista set -- look for it on as trim to throw pillows and blankets, linens of all kinds and window treatments for the home this year, too. Just be a little discriminating with your ruffle selections for your casa to avoid a dated look. Top, Zara