The 5 Main Motivations Driving People to Become Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is appealing and exciting, but everyone has a different motivation to get started.

Most people have dreamt of owning their own business. There are tons of advantages to doing so, and it's easy to romanticize the idea. On the surface, it seems like a straightforward desire, but the reality is, there are many different distinct potential motivations for getting involved in the world of entrepreneurship. Recognizing and understanding these motivations is critical if you want to be a successful business owner.

1. Wealth. You're lying to yourself if you say you've never thought about the money. One of the biggest motivations for becoming an entrepreneur is the unlimited income potential here; with the right timing and the right idea, you can build wealth that just isn't possible with a traditional career (granted, it's not that easy).

2. Flexibility. For some prospective entrepreneurs, the thrill of a flexible schedule and work environment is key. You'll get to make your own rules and create your own space, which the corporate world doesn't offer.

3. Leadership. Some entrepreneurs are thrilled at the notion of becoming a leader; they want to make their own decisions, build their own teams, and call the shots in high-pressure situations. There's a certain appeal to being in charge, and entrepreneurship is a fantastic doorway to that possibility.

4. Establishment. For others, entrepreneurship is more about creating something. They may want their name tied to a great company, or they may want to leave a legacy behind for their children and grandchildren.

5. Vision. Some entrepreneurs are out to change the world. They don't care about making money or having a more flexible work schedule; they have a vision for the future, and they're out to achieve it.

Why do you want to become an entrepreneur? Is it one or more of these reasons, or is it something else entirely? Truly acknowledging and accepting your motivations will help you guide your startup in the right direction, and help you enjoy the process even more.