The 5 Pillars to Feminine Leadership

In 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dalai Lama proclaimed, "The world will be saved by the western woman."

I think we can all agree, the world's affairs are in need of immense change, and this change is long overdue. If we cannot trust our leaders, it is our duty to become the leaders we need. I know there is a voice inside of you that's either whispering or screaming for you to acknowledge you are here for a very special reason.

Let us embrace change, through taking action, not by waiting but by being the inspired creators we innately are. Notice, the Dalai Lama did not say "a" western woman, he said "the". We as a collective are being called to unite and step into a new era in feminine leadership.

Feminine Leadership is a way to lead us towards Full Spectrum Leadership where we are equally balanced in the highest qualities of both the masculine and feminine as we work together. Below are the five pillars to leading in this way.

The 5 Pillars to Feminine Leadership

1. Abundance

This is a challenge for many women, we are ingrained to give, to serve, to show up for others. It is a beautiful honor that we get to step into, but sometimes leaves us feeling empty. Have you ever heard, "How do you do it all?" Women just do, until they're bone dry. It's in their nature.

So how do we honor our the impulse to serve, without feeling lack? Make sure your cup is full first; serve from a place of overflow. When you have done your inner work, taking care of yourself: mind, body, heart and spirit, you're more able to extend yourself outwardly.

We have arrived at this place in history through fear, through ideas of lack and not enoughness: not enough land, oil, resources, love for everyone, fighting to prove who deserves it more. It's not working. There is plenty for everyone, and when we live from that knowing we create connection and alliances.

2. Receptivity

This is the primary pillar of empowered feminine leadership. The masculine is the penetrator, they push their way into things, while the feminine naturally opens to receive life-promoting energies. This is mirrored in all of nature, and humanity is part of that nature.

Allow good things to come your way. Sometime an outward "No" is the biggest internal YES. The feminine is mysterious, who cannot be figured out, using her intuition as a trusted compass, balanced with reliable information.

When we strengthen our connection to ourselves, our intuition, humanity as a whole we find wisdom waiting for us.

Receptivity is to feel.

Allowing ourselves to feel has been deemed a weakness by a patriarchal society in perpetual states of war. One must allow themselves to feel fully all the aspects of humanity, and connect in a place of vulnerability, empathy and understanding.

3. Trust

Not only must we trust our intuition, but we must deepen our trust that all is unfolding for the highest good. We are all on a journey through the sea and doubt is like poking holes in your ships, eventually even a pinhole will sink you.

All the pillars support the whole, when we trust we live in a natural state of abundance, connection, and alignment. Trust is the belief that the present state of life is in divine order with the qualities of honesty, reliability, kindness and compassion. We only leave this state when we doubt in the love available for us.

4. Radical Inclusion

In the new era of feminine leadership that is globally taking over, there is an aspect of radical inclusion. There is a sense of community, humanity, wholeness that fuels our endeavors. We must see ourselves and others as whole, and love all parts of humanity, especially the messy, angry, hurt parts.

I believe a leader is someone who is confident in their ability to see strengths in others and provide safe spaces for them to put those strengths into action, creating a pay-it-forward effect of confidence. A leader knows it takes a village, and doesn't think, "It's better if I do it on my own." A leader leads a team and trusts them implicitly because they've embodied feminine leadership to build their team, it is intuitively built on trust, from a place of fullness to create a cohesive balanced team of equal contributors with unique gifts.

When we separate from one another, compete, exclude, judge and look at life through the perceptual filters of "us vs. them" we miss the gift it is to connect. We are all in this journey together.

This creates circular structures instead of top-down leadership, which allows for greater contribution and united empowerment, where all feel a part of the whole. A true leader attributes 'credit' collectively.

This pillar says, "I know it's hard sometimes, but I'm with you, I've been there, we got this." It says, "I believe you're made for more." Those sentiments are what we need to thrive. There are so many who can't say that to themselves, and that's where you come in, with your abundance of love, understanding, empathy and compassion.

Inclusivity = Healing = Wholeness

5. Balance

As we know from our 'birds and the bees' talk it takes two of us to create new life. We welcome balance through full spectrum leadership, where we not only come together to learn skills and strengths from one another, but to acknowledge our own internal union of opposites, embracing the Divine masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves so we may live, lead and love from that place.

This is balance, this is our inner work, this is what changes the world. This is what leadership looks like. This is what allows us to thrive.

I am committed to creating a world that looks like this. I am committed to supporting you in stepping into personal leadership in your life, so your business, relationships, community, family and your relationship with yourself can thrive. Are you with me?

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