The 5 top laptops for university students in 2017

Finding a good laptop that will cater for various school needs isn’t easy. It is the reason why some students spend money purchasing laptop after laptop. Taking the time to read a good review like this one will save you time, money and get you the right laptop that you need to get you through college.

5. HP Chromebook 13

Last year, the associated press reported that schools alone bought 5.4million chrome books for classroom use, a number roughly half of the overall Chromebooks produced in 2016. But why are Chromebooks on high demand among students?

Chromebooks are the way to go for the student looking for a stunning piece of a device, but of course, that alone can't be the reason for their high sales.

These thin laptops are perfect for browsing online and can store lots of files using cloud. They can save up to 10 hours of battery power so that even though there is no power source, you will still be able to use it throughout a discussion or learning session. They have several ports, a utilizable keyboard and a resolution display that doesn't strain the eyes.

To cut it short for $499 a Chromebook 13 replaces the pricey $1299 MacBook pro anytime.

4. Dell XPS 15

Dell XPS 15 still steals the show for being the windows flag bearer. It has a great design made of an aluminum chassis, a thin bezel, and a supple touch. Its performance is so fast that it can move files at a wink of an eye.

It is also extra portable and can fit in any standard back pack including the 13-inch laptop coat.

It comes in 15-inch, 13-inch, and 2-in-1 shapes.

If you are the type that loves to do power points or class presentation projects, this laptop will edit your videos and images with its graphics architecture in a wink; and then it will look dazzling on the table in front of the class while you give your presentation.

9560 model is the best of Dell XPS because of its 7th-Gen Intel and an excellent screen.

3. HP Spectre x360

If your major is in a creative course, then this laptop is for you. It has a pen support for any ink creativities you may desire. Even if you are not doing a creative major, you don’t have to download or pay for some app to sign your documents.

The Spectre x360 is the only one that has features close to the Nirvana laptop.

Its body is sculpted out of copper which gives it a design with a classic look. This fantastic laptop can save 16hours of power while carrying out heavy tasks like video editing and more. Its performance is unmatchable with 7th generation Intel core.

The HP Spectre keyboard feels like touching a soft pillow.

This laptop is a must get if you are looking for an elevated device matched with performance.

2. Surface Pro

This is yet another great laptop for those majoring in the creative field.

It has a high graphics performance that was recently upgraded by Microsoft. Many upgrades were done on this laptop including adding fresh Intel Kaby Lake processors. Even better news is that more additions are expected before the year ends. There will be optional LTE configurations added to the Surface Pro.

With all these come great battery life and an excellent design (even though the previous design is still the same)

Surface pro represents windows ten system and its creative side.

1. MacBook Air

This baby is the thinnest laptop there is. Introduced to the World in 2008 by Steve Jobs, the Macbook air was welcomed with both hands. MacBook Air is not vulnerable to malware and viruses. It was created with some apps that make life easy. Some of these include keynotes, reminders, maps, and office performance apps among others.

The battery life is simply unmatched. It lasts 17hours after a full charge. With all the apps the laptop has to operate, the battery is indeed long lasting. The most beautiful thing about this laptop is that it lasts almost a lifetime and can be used both in school and at work.

Although MacBook is the best laptop out there, it comes with a high price tag. The 11-inch model goes for $899 whilst the 13-inch model is for a whopping $999. For the features this laptop has to offer, this price is worth it. MacBook Air can cater for the creative student, the medical one and for anyone else majoring elsewhere.

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