The 5 Ways Sex Gets Better And Better When You're Older

Spooning? We love it.
Tom Merton via Getty Images

Yes, older people have sex. It may look and feel different from the sex younger people are having, but it is sex nonetheless. Here’s why sex after 50 is actually better:

1. You understand the value of a good cuddle.

There is nothing quite as comforting as being able to bury your face in the crook of someone’s neck. Spooning? It’s as close to returning to the womb as you’re ever going to get. Afterglow is a real thing. University of Toronto researchers found that small increases in post-sex cuddling produced substantial increases in sexual satisfaction and relationship satisfaction. When it comes to cuddling, a little goes a long way and delivers a big bang, apparently.

2. You know how great it is to hug.

Hugs are terrific to both give and receive. And ― get this ― they are even good for your health. In a 2015 Carnegie Mellon University study, researchers found that people who hugged (and perceived social support) were less likely to come down with a cold. Other experts say the health-related benefits of hugging are tied to the release of oxytocin ― aka the bonding hormone ― because it promotes attachment in relationships.

3. You understand quality over quantity.

Really? You need us to explain?

4. Sex ― like life ― is a marathon, not a sprint.

You understand the goal is not to finish up as quickly as possible before the Netflix part of “Netflix and chill” begins.

5. You know that sex really is most comfortable on a bed.

When you’re older it becomes OK to actually say this: Kitchen countertops are hard and beaches deposit sand where no sand should ever be.

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