The 50 Best Quotes From The 2015 Cannes Lions Festival


In a follow up to last year's post, here is a fresh selection of quotes to close out the 2015 festival of creativity. I'm sure I missed other brilliant sound bites, so feel free to add to the list below. These are my personal selections, not those of Ogilvy.

"The consumer journey is the new heart and soul of marketing." - Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital & Social Media at Nestle

"Basic human truth can unlock global ideas, but you can't lose sight of local nuance." - Jonathan Mildenhall, Chief Marketing Officer, Airbnb

"A thousand little things prevent women from being successful ." - Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Partner, Mr President

"We have gone from text->photos->videos and next is VR/AR" - Chris Cox, VP Product, Facebook

"Distribution is king; content is queen." - Dr Karen Nelson-Field, Director, Centre for Digital Video Intelligence, University of South Australia Business School

"I'm overly ambitious because I realize it can be done." - Pharrell Williams

"Five years ago we were stationed on the beach with one chair." - Adam Bain, Revenue and Partnerships, Twitter

"It's not about being a spokesperson, it's about creating real partnerships." - Adrian Grenier

"Public shaming is a blood sport that has to stop." - Monica Lewinsky

"One thing truly memorable campaigns have in common is that they can rarely be criticized for having played it safe." - Brian Melarkey - Creative Director, FleishmanHillard

"Political will is a renewable resource." - Al Gore

"You can't say 'bravery' inconsequentially." - Wendy Clarke - President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America

"I can think of no other condition in which innovation is so badly needed." - Dr Chan, WHO #dementia

"Brands: Get behind music and let the music get behind you." - Julanne Schiffer, SVP Insights & Analytics, Nielsen Entertainment

"Don't just dip yourself in local culture, dip yourself in local talent." - Lara Balazs, Head of North America Marketing, Visa

"I think everyone is born creative but it can be suppressed by fear." - Evan Spiegal - Snapchat Founder & CEO

"Marketing is an investment, not a cost." - Sir Martin Sorrell - WPP

"If we're not using data, we're in essence ignoring our customers." - Raymond Velez, CTO Razorfish

"'Viral' is one of the most grossly misused terms in marketing today." - Dr Karen Nelson-Field - Centre for Digital Video Intelligence, University of South Australia Business School

"There is more to a brand's story than just what you tell - it's about how consumers relate." - Bill Ross - Founder of Linchpin SEO

"If everyone can make music. Make better music." - Marilyn Manson

"Talent is the biggest issue facing our industry; marketers need to understand that it's about ideas and not just execution." - Matt Biespiel - Senior Director, Global Brand Development, McDonald's

"Advertising can do more than just reflect the mores of society. With apologies to Mr Ogilvy, we can change them too." - Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy & Mather

"In order to lead oneself, you need to have a dream, the passion to pursue it, the persistence to see it through, and the curiosity to do it all over again." - Keith Reinhard, DDB Chairman Emeritus

"Our attention span in 2012 was 12 seconds; today it's nine. For context, the attention span of a goldfish is eight seconds." - Ryan Seacrest

"Aging is the diminishing of early fearlessness." - Sir Kenneth Branagh, actor, director, producer, screenwriter

"The next unicorns will come from the transformation of traditional businesses and video." - B Bonin Bough,‎ Chief Media and eCommerce Officer at Mondelēz International

"Creativity only resonates if you infuse real life into the work." - Viola Davis - Actress

"I feel much more connection with every single Uber driver I've ever had. Why? I know their names. They know mine. I see their strangely grim mugshots on the app when I book and am always surprised by how friendly they end up being. Technology like Uber enables us to level up empathy." - Marc Mathieu - Global SVP Marketing - Unilever

"I'm probably the only person over 40 who does not want to be 22 again." - Monica Lewinsky

"Do one thing a day that you haven't done before. Try to embarrass yourself daily." - Emilie Baltz, Artist

"Creativity is the "silver bullet" that cuts through the clutter and "runs right into the heart" of the consumer. And as the world continues to veer in a fully-digital direction, good creative will be more important, and more at a premium."- Soren Hagh, Heineken's Executive Director of Global Marketing

"Nobody makes rational brand decisions: we just think we do." - Dr Itiel Dror - Cognitive Neuroscience, University of London

"It's not just about data; we need leaders with real cultural curiosity who are connected to current happenings and motivated to really contribute to culture." - Syl Saller, Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo

"AI is not just heading for our industry, it will radically change the machinery we use in marketing." - Sir Tim Berners Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web

"Smart partnerships and personalization that's relevant are two of the most important things for the future of marketing."
- Anna Hill, Chief Marketing Officer, The Walt Disney Company UK and Ireland

"Transparency is the new black." - Chuck Porter, Crispin Porter + Bogusky

"We need to move on from a woman thing to a people thing, but there are stats to face." - Suzanne Powers, Global CSO, McCann

"Our best strategy is using real-life consumer stories." - Johnathan Mildenhall, CMO Airbnb

"I stay grounded because everyone around me floats" - Pharrell

"Cultural changes not structural changes are key to giving women the opportunities they deserve." - Wendy Clarke - President, Sparkling Brands & Strategic Marketing, Coca-Cola North America

"Creativity isn't just for marketers; the business operations must be there too." - Chris Miller, Divisional Vice President, Global Brand Strategy and Innovation, Abbott

"I still get excited performing live. when you see the immediate reaction from a crowd, its like being a theater performer, its something you can't get from being a writer or being an ad man ... its almost ritualistic." - Marilyn Manson

"We need to work more closely with brands and advertising partners with more transparency, be ready to take more risks and ready to find new models." - James Murdock, CEO 21st Century Fox

"40% of what I've done was a mistake. I now call it R&D." - Jamie Oliver

"We probably release 1% of the products that we are working on." - Evan Spiegel, Co-founder and CEO, Snapchat

"To appeal to promoters, brands need to not only focus on quality but also reputation among friends or colleagues and that sense of worth that comes from being associated with a brand." - Bennett Porter, VP Marketing Communications - SurveyMonkey

"You can insist on a different end to the story."
- Monica Lewinsky

"Play is a state of mind that we can use in our creative process to our advantage." - Jessica Walsh

"The most iconic brands are going beyond simple messaging." - Syl Saller - Chief Marketing Officer: Marketing and Innovation - Diageo

"Four in a row! We are overwhelmed with gratitude. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the bravery of our clients and the creativity of our teams around the world." - Tham Khai Meng, Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather