The 50 Most Beautiful People On A Hill

A much more important ranking than The Hill's annual list.

Sure, one could call it an accomplishment to appear on The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful, its annual elite roundup of the best-looking people in Washington. 

But you know what's better than being on the list of beautiful people on The Hill? Being one of the best-looking people on a hill. Good-looking people on a hill, after all, tower above others, both literally and figuratively. 

Here is the first ever Huffington Post top 50 ranking of best-looking people on a hill.

1. Julie Andrews. The original Queen Bae.

Credit: ABC

2. Taylor Swift hiking a trail backwards. Why, you ask? Why NOT! 

Credit: Tumblr

3. Cast of "Beverly Hills 90210" -- "Donna Martin graduates!"

Credit: Variety

4. Cast of "The Hills," looking so serious.

Credit: MTV

5. Fats Domino singing about where he found his thrill.

6. Carrie Underwood as Julie Andrews.

Credit: NBC Universal

7. Settlers of New England. So hot back then. 

Credit: Gavin Finley

8. Soldiers on Bunker Hill. 

Credit: WMS8RevWarProject

9. Simba and Mufasa. Hakuna matata. 

Credit: Mylionking.com

10. Mitt Romney. Hair looking great as always. 

Credit: Washington Post

11. Sly Stallone. Nothing else to say. 

12. Wall-E. Sad but confident in his search for Eve. 

Credit: Pixar

13. "Notting Hill." Even movie stars can fall in love. 

Credit: IMDB

14. HuffPost's Howard Fineman throwing out the first pitch at PNC Park.

Credit: Kevin O'Neil

15. Reese Witherspoon, with literal and figurative baggage. 

Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures

16. Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman. Those pasty white legs. 

Credit: The Matinee  

17. Cast of "One Tree Hill." You loved this show, admit it. 

Credit: Elite Daily

18. Zac Efron at Machu Picchu. We don't know why. 


Credit: Peruforless

19. "Braveheart." Blue face paint is the new black. 

Credit: Paramount Pictures

20. Jeff Goldblum. Words can't describe. 

Credit: Ian Malcolm: From Chaos

21. Tiger Woods. Sad Tiger. 

Credit: Harry How/Getty Images

22. Tom Cruise. Hold that pose. HOLD IT!

23. "The Gladiator." Are you not entertained? 

Credit: DreamWorks

24. Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler in the hills of Ireland. P.S. This movie sucks.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

25. Trevor Ariza dunking on Grant Hill. 

Credit: NBA


Credit: Creed

27. Lance Armstrong biking on a hill. Steroids era Lance > clean Lance.

Credit: Bas Czerwinski/Associated Press

28. Jason Segel about to fall off a hill. 

Credit: Universal Studios

29. HuffPost's Ryan Grim. Sadly, covering those wonderful locks of hair.

Credit: Mike McAuliff

30. Vladimir Putin. Really, this is No. 1. 

Credit: Russia

31. Mt. Rushmore in Black Hills, South Dakota. No jokes. 

Credit: Associated Press

32. The woman from the "Somebody Left The Gate Open" commercial

Credit: Citibank

33. Daniel Day-Lewis, "Last of the Mohicans." Basically, he runs up hills half the movie.

34. Moses. Locusts didn't help his beauty. 


36. Donald Trump. His hills are the hayugest, classiest hills. 

37. Indiana Jones. Hates snakes. Loves hills. 

Credit:  Lucasfilm

38. The Bumble Bee girl. Brought hill frolicking to a new level. 

Credit:  Blind Mellon

39. Frodo. Small guy who climbed dangerous hills. 

40. Ned Stark. Had a passion for beheading people on hills. 

Credit: HBO

41. James Franco. That poor right arm. 

42. Matthew McConaughey. Was cat-walking hills in faraway lands.

Credit: Paramount Pictures

43. Teddy Roosevelt. The original hill pinup. 

Credit: Sigamore Hill National Historic Site

44. Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. Brought hill photo shoots to a different level. 

Credit: Associated Press

45. Khaleesi. Don't f*** with her dragon. 

Credit: HBO

46. The Cialis Couple. How the hell did they get two bathtubs up there? 

Credit: Cialis

47. Six women on Benny Hill. Nice hat. 

Credit: The Benny Hill Show

48. Brad Pitt in "Seven Years In Tibet." Thinking deep thoughts. 


49. U2. Nice hair, Bono.

Credit: U2

50. Don Draper, deciding to buy the world a Coke. 

 Credit: AMC

Paige Lavender, Ashley Alman, Jonathan Cohn, Elise Foley, Jen Bendery, Laura Bassett, Amanda Terkel, Travis Waldron, Ali Watkins, Jeffrey Young, Jason Linkins and Kate Palmer contributed reporting.

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