The 57 Things I Would Want My Beginner Entrepreneurial Self to Know


1. You are good enough
2. Start today
3. Your knowledge is overflowing
4. People need you
5. Be yourself
6. Accept yourself
7. Learn from people but don't blindly follow
8. Don't try to please anyone
9. Don't compare your start with someone's middle
10. You are worthy
11. You are deserving
12. It will not be easy every day
13. Follow your passion every day
14. Trust your intuition
15. Trust your gifts
16. You can
17. People will be people, continue
18. Be open for surprises - both negative and positive
19. Create boundaries
20. Stand up for yourself
21. Trust yourself
22. Question yourself only to see if you are true to your values
23. Be authentic, always
24. Replace marketing with serving
25. Replace selling with exchanging energy
26. Create a relationship with your brand, not just a fling
27. There is a road ahead to walk, not just one street to cross
28. Learn to lose, there is winning in it always
29. Follow your heart
30. You will not always be treated the way you want to be treated. Don't lose your determination and belief
31. You are smart
32. You are capable
33. Fear will propel you forward, don't give it power to do anything else
34. Those who bad mouth you and copy you are offering the biggest compliment, shine in it
35. Be the light, don't try to fix the darkness
36. Work on your mindset, daily
37. Look to drive your business forward and allow yourself to grow
38. Take time for yourself
39. Love yourself
40. People need exactly what you have to offer
41. Imagine it today, allow it tomorrow and you shall receive it
42. Believe in yourself
43. Recognize yourself, daily
44. Celebrate your successes, regardless how small they seem
45. Learn from your mistakes
46. Reach high and then higher
47. Say NO - often
48. Be grateful for everything, it holds value
49. You will have days, when you want to run away. Many days
50. Learn to face the unpredictable
51. Take charge only of what you are responsible for
52. You are not complicated, just because others don't see it doesn't mean it's not of value
53. Approve of yourself
54. Encourage yourself, daily
55. Go back to your WHY often
56. When you want to run away, know that you will never run away from who you truly are
57. When you fall, remember this - you will rise even higher afterwards