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The 6 Hero Types: Which One Are You?

The spirit found in these real-life heroes keep our world from spinning into chaos; they're the good people who believe in the power of the human spirit -- the binding force that holds our humanity together -- and you just may be one of them.
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If you've ever daydreamed about saving the damsel (or dude) in distress, saving the situation, saving the day, or saving a few dollars to give to someone in need, you just might be a superhero and not know it. The superheroes of our world aren't what you think; they aren't fantastical beings in tight leather bodysuits who use supernatural powers to save the world with one sweeping dramatic gesture.

Real superheroes are the people who do little things, unexpected things, everyday things, to leave the world around them better than when they found it. These unsung heroes are normal people who scarcely notice how extraordinary they are, often overlooking their contributions because they were never presented with an official cape by the mayor of Gotham City.

The spirit found in these real-life heroes keep our world from spinning into chaos; they're the good people who believe in the power of the human spirit -- the binding force that holds our humanity together-- and you just may be one of them.

The Six Hero-Types at a Glance


The Warrior
From the outside perspective, you may seem like a rebel, but deep within, a righteous compass guides your path. Traumatized by the push-back that a rebel receives, you may feel burned by life, not understanding that your rebellion isn't a negative trait deserving to be ostracized, but rather a spiritual power that saved you from conforming to the current systems of the world so that you may trail-blaze a healthier, more harmonious humanity.


The Protector
As the protector, you're always looking for opportunities to comfort, protect, and champion. You don't care who or what you're protecting, you just want to do good in the world. You lay your cape over puddles, lay your life on the line, lay your desire for a more harmonious world on display for everyone to witness. You enjoy solitude, are ever-watchful, and not quick to judge. Even though you would prefer to be alone, because you are all heart, people love to be around you. The protector is intuitive and devoted, a result of living in an internal world laden with hidden meaning and possibility.


The Healer
You have a heart of gold, showcased by a hearty flair for dramatics. Because there's something magical about you, you have the ability to charm your way into or out of any situation. People want to be around you because you naturally draw out the best in everyone. Optimistic, authentic and lighthearted, you make the world a better place through emanating real love, true love, everywhere you go.


The Master
You are a messenger to the world. The entire focus of your life is to make the world a better place through service to humanity. You typically sacrifice your own comfort in order to help others and your sincerity is deeply felt by those around you. Generally you are pretty laid back, but if your intuition picks up on a law of human decency being violated-- you become a staunch defender of the law on behalf of all humankind.


The Leader
The leader is both linear and logical, with a quick intellect that allows you to grasp the big picture easily. You're good with strategy and have the innate ability to devise new systems of government. A natural leader and politician, you have a strong sense of duty. Sometimes it may be difficult for you to show your softer side, but when your (often dry) sense of humor does emerge, people are delightfully surprised.


The Teacher
You are a natural mentor. People follow your guidance without knowing exactly why, because you evoke trust at the deepest levels -- a trust well deserved. You're an upbeat visionary who loves to face challenges and difficulties, simply because you see every situation as an opportunity for growth. Brilliant, curious and creative, you value experience and embody the very essence of love and its progression in the world.

Which Hero Are You?
Everyone has a gift to share with humanity. You may not see it now, but every single skill that you possess can help the world, even the ones that may not seem obvious. Mother Theresa used her hands to give bread to the hungry. Steve Jobs inspired many others with his innovative spirit. Your grandfather gave up his seat on the bus for a pregnant woman and the shopkeeper picked up a piece of litter from the ground and put it in the trash bin. Whether it's small acts of kindness, devising new systems of living or inventing ways to make someone smile, we each carry an essential component to creating a new world that shimmers brilliantly from the contributions that we make.

The world won't be changed by masked men -- it will be changed by us, one day at a time, one small contribution at a time. We all have the instinct within us to create a better world, as have each of us been touched by witnessing the beauty of the human spirit in others. There's nothing more magnificent than sharing our heroic spirit with the world. It's with this spirit that I invite you to see yourself in this emerging light... the light of the hero within. You can start by looking for opportunities every day to make one small change in your environment, and thus the world.

Each hero-type has a different set of lessons that they are working on in this lifetime, and these struggles can either be our cape or our kryptonite. There are two tools that you may find helpful in your own hero's quest: the free hero-type test with tips on developing your connection to the hero within, as well as my most recent book, The Secret of Mago Castle, a conscious fiction novel that brings the six archetypes to life in an adventure of the highest order -- straight from the heart of human consciousness.

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