Hey hoarder, are you using all 18 of those yoga mats?

If you're a regular at the gym, you definitely see some of the same characters each week. You may have even nicknamed them in your head: There's that guy who always wears jeans on the treadmill, and the lady who's not afraid to eat her leftovers in the locker room, wearing only a towel (true story).

While these individuals certainly seem truly unique, there are also a handful of gym-goer tropes -- people who embody stereotypes found at every gym worldwide. There's The Model, who's always checking herself in the mirror and sporting all Lululemon everything. There's The Grunter, whose groans you can depend on to break through the white noise of whirring treadmills. Sound familiar? Check out Muscle Food's interpretation of the most annoying gym personalities in the comics below -- then tell us the characters they may have missed in the comments.


#GymSelfie is just one of the numerous hashtags attached to The Model's excessive Instagram posts. The Model's greatest fitness goal is to make others gawk over his or her svelte physique and ability to shine, not sweat.


Grunting Hard-Man likes to pick things up and put them down ... loudly. He owns a self-made muscle tee for every day of the week, lugs around a gallon of water and is guilty of denting numerous gym floors with weights that weigh even more than he does.


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Nobody cares what The Socialite is having for dinner, but The Socialite doesn't care that nobody cares. The Socialite goes to the gym to share ... and walk on the treadmill at a snail's pace.


If you can't seem to find the piece of equipment you need for your workout, chances are it's in close proximity to The Hoarder. Hoarders make themselves at home in shared gyms, seemingly using all of the towels, all of the free weights and all of the machines at once. One almost admires The Hoarder's capacity to take up so much space and acquire so much equpiment. Almost.


The Teacher may work at the gym, but he or she may also just be a know-it-all who's eager to fix your form. Whether you ask for help or not, The Teacher will talk to you long enough you'll have to remove your headphones. And The Teacher will tell you everything you ever knew is wrong.


The Lurker lurks. It's as simple and creepy as that. The Lurker makes that terribly awkward eye contact in the mirror when you're lifting, and The Lurker is on the same shower schedule as you. Always.

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