The 7 Killers of Hope

Why Hope Doesn't Float

  1. If you have no gratitude, you're disappointed
  2. If you have no confidence, you're doubtful
  3. If you have no faith, you're pessimistic
  4. If you have no belief, you're skeptical
  5. If you have no trust, you're cynical
  6. If you have no respect, you're disdainful
  7. If you have no forgiveness, you're bitter

And if you're disappointed, doubtful, pessimistic, skeptical, cynical, disdainful and bitter, you have no hope... and then you are hopeless.

Inspired by Thad's self-supporting and hope engendering community where the God they believe in is all inclusive, all forgiving, all loving and even loves evil doers, because occasionally even some of those will see the light.