The 7 Sexiest Green Celebs of 2007

2007 was a great year for Sheryl Crow. In addition to advocating "one square per restroom visit," the singer raised mainstream green awareness by touring the country in a biodiesel-powered bus.
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The results are in!
Well, not really. This list is based on my humble blogger opinion. Use the comment section to claim which celebs float your green boat. With enough feedback, I hope to compile a list based on "popular," not personal, opinion.

Sheryl Crow


2007 was a great year for Sheryl Crow. In addition to advocating "one square per restroom visit," the singer raised mainstream green awareness by touring the country in a biodiesel-powered bus. With Laurie David at her side, Crow threw the smack down on Karl Rove. After the former senior White House advisor scoffed at global warming evidence, Sheryl got feisty. "You work for us," the singer said famously. Now, flip me a burger . . . b*tch!

Brad Pitt


Obviously! No "sexy list" is complete without this corn-fed, Oklahoma-born, two-time Sexiest Man Alive man-boy from Missouri. Rugged good looks and a hard body are fascinating, but thanks to the stalkerazzi, we're also privy to this benevolent gentleman's every good deed. Following a laundry list, Pitt finished off 2007 with a massive green building project in Katrina-devastated New Orleans. Pitting (ahem, excuse me) a team of world-renowned green architects for projects, Brad is determined to start an unprecedented green building trend. Adopt a green house (not one of his children) at

Sienna Miller


It's hard to keep track of this British beauty's breakups, make-ups . . . and then again breakups; yet, Sienna's eco-record is as clear as (NSFW alert!) her, um, total nudity in Hippie Hippie Shake. An ambassador for UK-based climate-change campaign, Global Cool, Miller recently launched a carbon-neutral clothing line with her sister called Twenty8Twelve. In October 2007, Sienna received an EMA Futures Award--an honor given to those who use their talent and celebrity to draw attention to the problem of global warming. Yay! Now we can raise our beers to eco-activism and sexy starlets . . . it's Miller time!

Adrian Grenier


Unlike the character he plays on TV, Entourage star Adrian Grenier cares about the environment--no he doesn't drive a bright yellow Hummer in "real life!" Grenier prefers driving a Prius, living in a fully "green" house (solar roof, reclaimed floors, recycled blue-jean insulation, blah, blah, blah), and offsetting. In 2007, Grenier drew massive attention to Charity Water, a non-profit initiative that sets up drinking water and sanitation infrastructures in the world's most impoverished communities.

Word in the 'Hood says Grenier is "fully committed to educating any lady who dares walk into his green life." According to environmental gossip site, Grenier said, "if a woman isn't environmentally conscious, she will be after going out with me."

Too bad, I'm already environmentally conscious . . .

Al Gore


I had to! This greenie may lack chiseled abs and cheekbones. Nonetheless, in 2007 Gore turned us on with unbridled activism and inspirational gusto. You go, Gore!

Hayden Panettiere


Emerging from the cesspool of Disney celebs comes Hayden Panettiere. Though best known for her kiddie-porn appeal and role on NBC's Heroes, Panettiere is raising praise and eyebrows as a young advocate.

This past October, Panettiere thoroughly pissed off Japanese fishermen during their annual dolphin hunt in Taiji, Wakayama. The young star paddled a surfboard out to a cull of captured dolphins. Though blocked from freeing the enmeshed porpoises, Panettiere's kerfuffle drew great attention to animal conservation and her bubble-butt.

Dolphin saving aside, Panettiere reportedly continues to drive a pimped out Porsche SUV . . . ugh, teenagers!

Leonardo Dicaprio


Hardly jaded by my accolades, international stardom, Oscar-nominations and embarrassingly attractive girlfriends, Leonardo DiCaprio has become one of today's most prominent environmental voices--many say he is following in Al's footsteps. In 2007 he produced and narrated The 11th Hour, said to be an unofficial sequel to An Inconvenient Truth. Leo's film stars my favorite environmentalist of all--and someone who should be on this list: David Suzuki.