The 8 Players of "Cards Against Humanity"

You're hanging out with a group of friends or family when someone suggests playing "Cards Against Humanity." After a night full of laughter, you realize the popular card game has revealed a lot about the people you once thought you knew. Setting aside the individualities of each game, there are some stock characters you may experience at least once. If you're not quite sure what I mean, let me introduce you to your opponents:

1.) The Leader
It was this individual's idea to play in the first place. Typically well-liked and outgoing, no one is very surprised by the appropriately inappropriate answers he or she produces. Despite the solid effort and charismatic qualities, however, the overall performance never quite meets others' high expectations.

2.) The Quiet One with the Unexpectedly Twisted Sense of Humor
Coerced by peer-pressure, this individual only reluctantly agreed to play. He or she then surprises everyone by turning out to be scarily skilled (synonymous for scarily inappropriate). He or she quietly racks up the cards and wins the game with an unwavering smirk.

3.) The Racist
Whether or not this is true outside the confines of the game does not matter. For some unknown reason, this player always seems to end up with the racially themed cards. He or she does not have a problem using them because points for sensitivity or political correctness are not a thing in this game.

4.) Alcohol
As an inanimate object, you could argue that he is not really a player. If present at the game, however, he just may have the greatest impact of all. He is a game changer who has been know to tamper with other players' card selections (see #7).

5.) The Pervert
Similar to The Racist in his or her usage of consistently themed cards. However, The Pervert also takes it to a whole new level by finding erotic innuendos in cards with no insinuations of that kind whatsoever. And nobody minds...because it's hilarious.

6.) The "Along for the Ride" Player
This player is fairly uncomfortable and consequently doing his or her best to blend into the background. He represents the majority of players not named on this list. If drinking, this player would closely resemble Player #7.

7.) The "I Need to Be Drunk for this" Player
Usually quiet, but can take down the competition with a little help from Player #4. This player is not to be confused with Player #2, who needs no help to unleash his or her twisted self.

8.) The Appalled Parent
The parent or other guardian who happened to be in attendance and decided to participate only in order to appear more in touch with his or her younger peers. This individual is really not as disgusted with the game itself as with the too impressive understanding shown by the younger players.

At the end of the night, you will not care who actually won the game. What matters is how truly twisted your opponents/friends can be and how their dirty humor will never cease to be funny. Happy playing.