9 Spectacular Reasons To Celebrate Being An Empty Nester

These perks will help you get over missing your kids, really, really fast.

Back-t0-school can be an emotional time for parents of college-bound children, what with all the moving, packing and saying goodbye to kids leaving home for the first time.

While the eerie quietness of a house without teenagers might get to you at first, take heart. You'll soon get over it. We asked our Facebook fans to share some of the reasons why they're loving their empty nests. Here are 9 things to look forward to and why you'll never long to have a house full of messy kids again.

1. You can clean the kitchen and it stays clean. 

Imagine that. For the last 18 or so years, life has been a nonstop treadmill of washing dishes, making meals, packing lunches and picking up random bowls with dried up Cheerios stuck to them. You'll now only be cooking and cleaning up after two, and probably at least halving the mess in your kitchen. Think of everything you can do with the extra time. 

 2. You can have sex again. Any time. Any where. 

No more worrying about the kids walking in or hearing you. Plus, per #1, you'll have more free time meaning you can't say you're too tired or don't have the time. 

3. You can focus more on you own needs. 

No more driving the kids around, attending sports events or chaperoning the school dance. It's all about you now. That DIY project you've been putting off? Yup, now's the time to finish it. That salsa class you've been wanting to take but didn't fit your schedule? Sign up. It's all about you, you, you. 

4. You can enjoy more peace and tranquility around the house. 

No more blaring music. No more loud video games. No more TV at dinner time. You can actually hear yourself think.

5. You can walk around in all states of undress. 

You're the king of your castle once again. So go braless. Walk around in your underwear -- or, better yet, dance in it. 

6. You can focus on your marriage again. 

Adding to #2, with the kids out of the house, don't be surprised if you and your spouse feel like newlyweds again. The empty nest can do that to you. What with an abundance of time to spend with each other and no worrying about leaving the kids at home on date night, you might just find yourself once again totally besotted with your beloved.

7. You can vacation off-season when it's cheaper. 

No longer being limited to vacationing in expensive summer time, spring break or winter seasons, you and your partner can take that trip you always wanted to take but couldn't because of the kids' school schedules. Plus, it'll be cheaper and you won't be paying for the kids. Did somebody say first-class?

8. Your grocery bill is way cheaper. 

Let's face it, kids cost a fortune and a lot of that is thanks to their endless appetites and seemingly bottomless stomachs. No more shopping for a small army. No more going through a gallon of milk a day or buying family-sized jars of peanut butter. 

9. You have less laundry to do. 

No more washing sweaty uniforms or dozens of family towels. No more strange smells emanating from your teen's room because they stuffed all their dirty laundry under the bed or in a closet to avoid having to do it. 

Welcome to the good life!

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