The 9 Countries With The Worst Cuisine In The World (PHOTOS)

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Hard to imagine why anyone might take issue with reheated kidney pie or black breakfast sausage made from pig's blood and fat, but it seems the Brits have claimed the title of World's Worst National Cuisine. And you beat us by a comfortable 14-point margin! Well done, old chaps. Maybe you can't take us at soccer, but we were apparently out of your league when it came to preparing crap food. Evidently one Gordon Ramsey is not enough. The judging was done online by over 2000 people from over 80 countries who took the Titanic Awards survey. Check out the other countries that made the list. Disagree? Take the new survey at For more fun survey results and other "Worsts of Travel" nuggets, check out the new book The Titanic Awards.

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