The 9 Most Expensive Dorms: Campus Grotto List

As tuition climbed an average of 7.9 percent at public colleges and 4.5 percent at private ones this fall, room and board costs weren't about to be left behind. According to Campus Grotto, the price of year's worth of dining hall meals and campus roof over one's head increased by 3.9 percent and 4.6 percent for private and public institutions, respectively. On average, public school students pay $8,535 for college housing; private school students must cough up $9,700.

So at which schools must you reach the furthest into your pocket to pay for a standard double room? When taking into account Campus Grotto's new list of the 20 most expensive college dorms, odds are the school will be in an urban setting in New York or California. Surprised? Us either.

See which school took the top spot below -- and check out the full list at Campus Grotto.

Should students (and their families) have to pay this much for a dorm room? Would you? Weigh in below.