9 Steps to Master Manifesting

Manifesting. Buzz word. Endless possibility. Infinite power.

Manifesting seems like the answer to all your struggles. What you've been hoping for can finally come true -- and all you have to do is ask for it! Amazing! So, you ask. And....crickets. Nothing changes. Same old, same old.
What happened?

When I first heard about the concept of manifesting I watched movies like 'The secret' and read books about ordering from the universe. It all looked glossy and wonderful, but it simply didn't work for me. I could ask as much as I want, no miracles would arrive at my doorstep. Frustrated I let it be.

Only in the past years I finally understood what manifesting really means and how it works. Through training my spiritual abilities and clear channels I've connected to spirit so strongly that I understood the magic that's within all of us with every cell of my body.

You are infinitely powerful. It's true.

I'm not saying you have to be spiritual or clairvoyant to manifest. I'm just saying for me this was the doorway to understanding the underlying energies and nuances that are influencing your resonance and vibration. As a Transformational Coach & Business Mentor I'm honored to witness my clients' personal transformation that enables them to take big leaps into a purposeful and aligned business and life.

Everybody can do this, because it's your nature.

Now, let me demystify the magic of manifesting for you and give you practical tips on how you can make the law of attraction work for you. The process is simple: ask and receive.

Yet, within this simple framework you'll have to know the following:

Step 1: Clarity
First, you need to be clear about what you want. When you're a beginner at manifesting or you have a bigger request, you'll have to write down what it is that you want. We all have a monkey mind that let's our attention jump from one fleeting thought to the next. Create a sacred space with music, nice scents and candles to show that you are dedicated. It's not necessary (of course), but you're sending a whole different commitment out into the universe. Remember, you're a beginner, so begin with a small request to strengthen your belief and trust.

Step 2: Feeling
Now that you're outlining your desired outcome, you'll now want to notice how it feels to have all that. How does your body feel? How do you feel? Happy, relieved, strong, successful, abundant? Notice these feelings and remember them. You can even anchor them by tapping or touching a certain part of your body. I like to put my hand on my heart, for instance. When you do it often enough, your brain then connects touching your heart with feeling that emotion. This will help you to enter the state of your desired outcome faster. The feeling is what manifests your outcome, not your thoughts.

Step 3: Resistance
This is where many manifestations fail. You may not feel worthy, ready, good enough or may have any other limiting belief on why you can't attract what you desire. This is the main reason why you won't get what you want. So, in this step you need to make sure that you are aligned and ready to receive. This is the part where you'll have to let go of your old self, to step into the new vibration of the person you long to be. The one who lives the dream. How would you be different, if your desired outcome was already true? What wouldn't you be doing anymore? I take my clients through my channeled self-love meditation course Self-Love Alchemy to clear these old patterns and open them up for more. This is another reason why it's good to start your manifestation practice with something small that you feel no resistance to.

Step 4: Let Go
If you've worked through the steps above, you're now ready to let go. You can best do this by destroying your letter. You can burn it, shredder it or tear it. You're sending it off like you're posting a letter at the post office. You know it will reach the recipient. You trust. Best is to completely forget what you asked for. This is when I get almost instant manifestations.

Step 5: Live as if
Remember that you anchored the feeling of having your desired outcome? Incorporate this feeling in your day as often as you can. Throw away all things that are not aligned to your new you. Do things that you'd do once your desire has manifested. Invite this feeling in as often as you can. The more time you spend feeling like your new you, the more you are matching the vibration of your manifestation. This is what you need to attract it into your life.

Step 6: Trust
Manifesting means trusting spirit, God, a higher power (whatever you may call it) to co-create with you. This is a loving universe and it's important that you trust that what you asked for or even something better, will come to you. Every day focus on finding proof that your manifestation is working. You are making this happen by shifting your focus, vibration and attracting new outcomes. New people, ideas and experiences will find you that will move you closer to your dreams.

Step 7: Action
So, as you can see manifesting does require action from you. You need to feel, think and act as your future self. You need to look for proof of your magic. You need to stay positive and trust that it's coming to you. You need to act on new ideas or guidance you receive that will help you step closer to your desire.

Step 8: Receive
Imagine feeling no resistance to deserving and having your dream. Imagine trusting that it is possible and that it is already on its way to you right now. Imagine continuously tapping into the feeling and vibration of having your dream already. Imagine not controlling how it will come to you, but instead taking action based on your intuitive guidance. This is what a receiving state looks like.

Step 9: Positivity
Master manifestors stay positive and upbeat about receiving. They keep a mental hygiene and don't let thoughts of doubt or fear creep up and pull them down. Remember, worry is a prayer for chaos. Stay alert and keep your mindset focused on what you want.

Just like any new skill that you acquire, manifesting needs practice.

You need to learn and understand your personal nuances of resonating and attracting. You wouldn't expect to be a pro tennis player after being on the court the first time. Manifesting is your divine power, but like any talent, you need to become skillful at it, to use it in its full force.

Manifesting means vibrating at the energetic level of the outcome you'd like to achieve. When you understand this and have the skills to do this, there is nothing you can't do in this life. The universe always has your back and will meet you half way. Take the leap today and become your most powerful self!

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