The ABCs of Being a Woman

Today as I see my daughter grow up into a beautiful, independent 16-year-old young lady, I ponder many things. As a mother I have tried to teach her to be a "woman of substance." We expect so much from women in our society today; we want them to be strong, beautiful, successful and financially stable. However, I believe a woman of substance should have something more. I created a list of things that in my opinion makes a "real woman."

Admit that you have weaknesses and you just can't do everything perfectly, you can just do your best.
Be a positive influence on others.
Care about the world -- humans, animals and mother earth.
Dream always, because your reality is only as big as your dream.
Evolve constantly; learn new things about yourself every day.
Forgiveness is the single most powerful tool to a peaceful heart.
Give to yourself first and then to others.
Happiness comes from within not from outside.
Invite goodness.
Just be you. Don't try to be anyone else.
Karma will always be your friend. So give goodness and you will receive goodness.
Love -- spread it and feel it.
Make the most of this beautiful life that has been given to you.
Never let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.
Optimism will be your partner on the journey of life.
Pray every day for yourself and the people in pain around you.
Quietly be with yourself.
Remain calm when the tornadoes of life hit you.
Spread love and compassion wherever you go.
Talk about your feelings, instead of burying them inside.
Understand and listen to the little voice inside that is the roadmap to our authentic self.
Voice your opinion, never remain quiet when you see something wrong happening.
Wake up every day with a smile and hope for the future.
Xtreme (OK, I know it's spelled wrong) emotions should be kept under check until you are sure it's safe to express them without hurting other people's feelings.
Yaayyyyyyyyy! You're healthy, smart and kind, don't ever forget that!!
Zealously go after what you believe in!!