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The Absolute Best Places to See Spring Flowers

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It's time to chase away the winter blues with a blast of colors. Whether you in a city or the countryside, you get to choose between botanic gardens, festivals and huge fields of wildflowers.

Warmer temperatures are already melting the last signs of the gray winter, sending more people outside, and why not? According to science, flowers have an immediate impact on happiness and a long-term positive effect on moods.

The Best Places to See Spring Flowers

Another study showed that patients in hospital rooms with flowers needed less pain medication, were less tired and had lower blood pressure. A third collection of research, but this time on indoor plants, indicated that people's cognitive performance was better with plants inside.

You can find these "natural healers" in their normal habitat from the Arizona desert to the hills of New Hampshire, or go see them at on special events like the orchid festivals. While Amsterdam's Tulip & Flower Festival, one of the largest and most popular flower exhibitions in the world, and Japan's cherry blossoms are the first place that comes to mind, the U.S. also has a lot to offer.

Pack a bag and enjoy springtime to the fullest. Treat your eyes to a feast of spectacularly beautiful flowers all around you. Go to a park, festival, campgrounds or a public garden to witness spring flowers' glory. Take your pick.

- Hristina Byrnes, The Active Times