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The Affliction That Could Save Your Life

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I have an affliction. I have no disease, no illness. I want to help people; that's my affliction.

In becoming a nutritionist and discovering why people really do get sick and obese, I was eager to learn all I could in order to help the light bulb go off in everyone's head as to how to save themselves. But over the years I find it's not that easy. No, it is easy for people to save themselves once they know how; it's not easy for them to want to do it. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink; they much prefer the Kool-Aid, literally.

Yes, I have found that people do not want to either change or be told they are not eating the right foods. And a powerful reason is not only their attachment to these detrimental foods but also their attachment to the medical community, which gives them different, unsubstantial nutritional information. And because the medical establishment has become so revered over decades, they are the last word.

After decades full of a multitude of diets meant to help us lose weight [and didn't], the truths are now emerging both on why we gain weight and become diseased. Besides the ever-present addiction of smoking, which still hovers around 15% of the U.S. population (an average of 10% of pregnant women still smoke), our main addiction is to processed and refined foods, and that is what is bringing us to our knees. Over centuries, our foods have been excessively altered to satisfy our taste buds to the ultimate level of gratification, throwing out any regard for what they do to our bodies. What is in the foods we eat, the way our foods are prepared by food manufacturers and restaurants is the predominant reason for disease and obesity. It's all about what goes into our mouths.

I've been able to help many people get on the right track toward better health, and hear them be amazed at what these nutritional changes can do: eradicate arthritis, diabetes, skin issues, even gallstones. And losing weight comes along with it.

But so many more just don't want to attempt nor hear about it. If the doctor doesn't agree, then they are unable to accept this 'underrated' information. It is just so sad to see so many continue on a downward path instead of uphill to better health.

The big elephant in the room is the addiction to drugs, and I don't mean that in the familiar sense; I mean that our medical community has harnessed almost everyone into believing that drugs are the only way to go; that drugs are their savior, that drugs are the norm; we now see that that has certainly been made indelible in most people's minds, especially as we see that every other commercial on TV is a drug commercial. But herbs and such were the norm, and helped so many far before drugs became standard.

We nutritionists have been unheard, underrated and under-recognized for far too long, but the tide is turning as more and more people become aware of how important foods and nutrients really are. And as they can identify with the horrible side effects of the drugs they are told to take.

I do see some light at the end of the tunnel. Just in the last few years, fast food restaurants have begun to change their ingredients, a variety of alternative milks are lining the shelves, and the knowledge of toxins in our foods, home products and cosmetics has come to light. And one thing I am happy to see is more doctors are turning to alternative medicine.

One of my main focuses is to help people off of unnecessary drugs. Our bodies do not crave nor ask for drugs; once in there, the body really doesn't know what to do with them; the body is just overridden by their aggressive behavior, leaving toxic waste in their wake.

So I urge everyone to read up on the drugs that are prescribed, and read up more on how to become healthy through good natural foods and nutrients. The mind-body connection is powerful. The food-body connection is the key. Just one thing to always keep in mind: Avoid refined, processed foods, and you will be much better off.

One affliction everyone should have is to be passionate about learning how to take control of one's health.