The African American Holocaust

African American males are being attacked from every direction in America. If the police aren't killing them, then they are killing each other. In a 35 year timeframe, over 324,000 African American people were killed by their own race. This is one of the most serious challenges for this community. The numbers are unacceptable and more work needs to be done to address this crisis.

When it comes to the prison population across the United States, the numbers are very high for African American males. This represents a different kind of Holocaust for the African American people.

With all of the protest against police involved killings, one would think that the people would organize to stop the killings in the community. It appears as though we are sending the wrong message when it comes to police killings and killings within one's own race. If a police officer killed an African American male, it's a big problem. However, when African American males kill each other, it's just another statistic. Do not take this message the wrong way. The protest against police involved killings have been so effective that policy changes are being implemented nationwide.

If the protesters would put the same energy in demonstrating in the neighborhoods affected by violence, then this would be a monumental moment for the people. There appears to be some reluctance in addressing this issue on a higher level because of fear. It's easier to protest downtown or uptown, but protesting in the neighborhood against the violence would require a certain level of courage. Some people are not ready to confront would be killers. There is no media or national spotlight that comes along with stopping the Black on Black killings.

Hopefully, this article could serve as a wake up call for the entire nation. If people band together, anything is possible. A new year can bring forth positive change. The people who are interested in taking on this issue should be encouraged to work together to stop the carnage in the community. African American leaders have failed in this particular area and there is no real solution in sight. We need new minds to help reverse this epidemic of violence that continues to take lives at any given time. If you compare the killings to other epidemics like Ebola, you will see that the numbers of people killed by violence in the African American community are staggering.

It's time to do something different. Every year the same number of people are being killed in the African American community, especially in big cities like Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and many more. The African American Holocaust is real. The majority of African American males are killed by their own people. The statistics also show that Caucasians and Hispanics are most likely to kill one another in the United States, but the numbers are very low compared to their African American counterparts.