The Air Travel Experience, Perfectly Explained In GIFs Of Tiny Puppies

So you went out the night before your flight, and the alarm goes off and you’re all UGGGH.

And the cab driver's tryna talk to you on the way to the airport, but you're just like PLEASE NO. I'M SLEEPING.

Some girl cuts the baggage line, and you're like SOME PEOPLE ARE WAAAITING, CHICK!

Thank God! They have the speedy flat escalators in this terminal! You were SO not looking forward to walking.

Then that one guy just keeps on texting after the flight attendant says turn it off, and you're just like WHAAA?

After takeoff you can fiiiinally get to sleep. But the the drink cart keeps on banging your knee and you’re like:

And there's the, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have some unexpected turbulence."

But then it's mini peanut time and you're just like OMIGOD YESSSSS.

The fasten seatbelt light goes off, and everybody thinks they're supposed to be first to exit like MEEE NEXT!

But then you get out of the tunnel and you're all stoked that you're in A WHOLE NEW COUNTRY! WOO!

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