The Almighty Dollar Speaks and This Time I Agree

This week in football the almighty dollar spoke and it spoke loudly. And now everyone is upset because it was money that made the call.

If you're wondering WTBleep I'm talking about -- recently, multiple football players have been suspended for using violence against women and children. Teams initially had made the decision to let their players continue to play and then guess what -- people got mad and then the sponsors who want those people to buy their stuff decided that they didn't want to be connected to an organization that people who buy their stuff were mad at and those sponsors started to pull their big advertising dollars and then those same teams went Oh Shit! and reversed their decision.

I for one am really proud of the almighty dollar right now. I don't understand why people are so upset and saying the team should have made the "right" decision in the first place. Yes they should, but that's not the society we live in. We live in a society where money talks. I know, I know, how very unconscious of me, how very unspiritual of me or is it? Money is energy, money is the mechanism in which our collective voice can be heard and this week it was.

I was speaking at an event recently, discussing our wonderful demographic -- sometimes referred to as the Mind Body Spirit crowd, or LOHAS (Yep, they do market studies on what we buy and how we spend our very spiritual dollars) and what is often said about us is that we are too passive to really get anything done. Now the religious groups -- those people know how to organize, even if we don't agree with them -- they get legislation passed, they get crazy people elected why? Because they respect the almighty dollar and use it, consciously. Yep, I used our sacred word to describe what the people we like to say are unconscious are doing -- they are using money consciously. Why aren't we? Because often in our circles money is bad, it's evil.

We run for the closest isolation chamber at the mere mention of money. "People should make conscious choices from the heart, not their wallets." We cry as we breathe in deeply. Wouldn't that be great!? But most people don't, even the people who like to pretend they do, often secretly don't.

But this week, the dollar did something good; through the people it spoke and made a difference. It brought about awareness of a really important issue around anger and violence in a way that maybe, just maybe will allow people to get help, to leave a bad situation, to start a conversation, it said "hey if you want to hang out with me you'd best get some morality and a conscience."

The people made it say that now imagine what else we could have our money say? It's time to get our spiritual activism on and start speaking in the language that is currently being heard, the loudest, through that maybe we can change the dialogue, but we won't be heard if we just sit on our meditation cushions and check out into the void. We've got to get up, open our wallets and speak.