The Amazing Benefits of Avocado for the Skin & Hair

The Amazing Benefits of Avocado for the Skin & Hair
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The Amazing Benefits of Avocado for the Skin & Hair

The Amazing Benefits of Avocado for the Skin & Hair


The avocado is a beautiful fruit packed full of healthy goodness, so much so that to only eat it and not utilize its full potential by also applying topically to the skin and hair would be a crime to Mother Nature herself!

The nutrient dense and creamy fruit – affectionately referred to as ‘nature’s butter’ – is an excellent source of over twenty vitamins and minerals, including vitamin B, C, E and K, riboflavin, niacin, folate, pantothenic acid, magnesium, potassium, lutein, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and anti-ageing antioxidants. (Now that was a mouthful!)

Thus, just eating them regularly will undoubtedly help to improve your skin and hair from within but when applied directly, the power of the avocado goes even further and can work wonders.

Here, I’ll share with you some of my favourite and inexpensive avocado beauty recipes that will leave your skin more supple and locks more lustrous than ever before!

The added bonus of these recipes is that the ingredients are all-natural and all-delicious … just try not to eat everything before applying!


Due to its high healthy fat, vitamin and antioxidant content, using the magical avocado as a face masque can leave the skin looking softer and younger looking, as it literally smooths and plumps out the skin.

You can create a simple – yet effective – masque by mashing up some avocado and applying straight onto the skin after cleansing but for an even more enriched masque, here are a few recipes to try out:

  • AVOCADO, HONEY & YOGHURT MASQUE Both honey and avocado have natural moisturizing properties so work well for dry skin. The anti-ageing antioxidants in avocado make this an excellent masque for a more youthful appearance, whilst the lactic acid in the yoghurt works to restore the natural pH balance of the skin, as well as tighten pores. Mash up a little avocado (half of one is more than sufficient) and add to a bowl with some natural yoghurt and organic honey. Mix well and apply to the skin after cleansing. Relax and leave on for approximately 15-20 minutes (or until hardened) before rinsing off with water to reveal a nourished and softer complexion. Repeat weekly by incorporating into your weekly facial regime for optimum results.
  • AVOCADO, BANANA & EGG YOLK MASQUE The high levels of antioxidants and vitamin C contained in bananas means that they are great for maintaining the skin’s elasticity and keeping skin silky smooth. Bananas also contain vitamin A which can leave the skin moisturized. Egg yolk contains fat that serves to plump up the skin, leaving it more supple and glowing fresh. Egg yolk also contains vitamin A which is also known as retinol and thus, is an excellent anti-ageing ingredient. Mix half a ripe banana, egg yolk and half an avocado to form a paste and smear all over cleansed skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing.
  • AVOCADO, EGG WHITE & LEMON MASQUE Lemon is antibacterial and also contains vitamin C which both help to combat oily skin, whilst the egg white helps to tighten the skin, therefore making this an excellent natural remedy to combat acne. Whisk up the egg white till it is nice and frothy and combine with half an avocado (mashed up) and enough freshly squeezed lemon juice to create a paste. Apply to the skin and leave on till dry before rinsing off with water. (Due to the acidity of the lemon, avoid getting the masque near the eyes and rinse off if the masque starts to sting. Avoid this masque if you have sensitive skin.)


An all-natural facial scrub which includes avocado will ensure that your skin gets thoroughly cleansed and moisturized at the same time thanks to the high vitamin content in avocados that acts both as a deep cleanser and humectant.

  • AVOCADO, BROWN SUGAR & STRAWBERRY SCRUB The strawberries and sugar both act as a natural exfoliate, whilst the fruit acids in the strawberries further exfoliate the skin. Mash up a small handful of strawberries and half an avocado and combine with a few tablespoons of brown sugar. After cleansing, gently massage into the face and neck area – avoiding the delicate eye area – and rinse thoroughly with warm water. (This is a much milder scrub than the following lemon and sea salt scrub below and therefore more suitable for those with sensitive skin.)
  • AVOCADO LEMON & SEA SALT SCRUB The salt acts as a natural exfoliate, whilst the acid in the lemon assists in reducing oiliness and brightening the skin. Mash half an avocado and mix with the juice of half a lemon and 3-5 tablespoons of course sea salt. Apply to freshly cleansed, still damp skin and massage gently all over the face and neck, avoiding the delicate eye area. Take your time and massage thoroughly to remove all dead skin before rinsing thoroughly to reveal fresher, clearer skin.


Thanks to the vitamins and minerals contained within, the benefits of applying avocado to the hair are endless! Regular use can lead to softer, stronger hair, as well as eliminate frizz and dry scalp.

  • AVOCADO & COCONUT OIL HAIR MASQUE Coconut oil has been widely used for centuries to moisturize the hair as it not only leaves the hair shinier, fuller and healthier but the properties in coconut oil can also reduce breakage and encourage growth. Before washing the hair, liberally apply a paste of equal parts mashed up avocado and coconut oil. Massage into the hair and scalp for several minutes, ensuring that you also apply to the hair, from the roots to the tips. Leave on for at least thirty minutes before washing as usual.
  • AVOCADO, EGG YOLK & OLIVE OIL HAIR MASQUE The fat, along with vitamins A, D and E found in egg yolk all serve to leave your hair and scalp more nourished, whilst your hair will also look more lustrous and full. Being a natural hypo-allergic emollient, olive oil can promote a healthy scalp and hair growth. After shampooing, mash up an avocado and mix with one egg yolk and a few tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Massage into the scalp and comb through the hair to the roots. Leave on for at least thirty minutes before rinsing off thoroughly with warm water. (For an even deeper treatment, after applying the masque, cover with a shower cap and leave on for as long as possible before rinsing.)


As previously mentioned, avocados have excellent moisturizing properties that can soften, sooth and quench the driest of skin, so it makes perfect sense to use this wonder fruit to moisturize yourself all over.

  • AVOCADO & COCONUT OIL MOISTURIZER Coconut oil acts as an excellent natural moisturizer for the body and contains antioxidants which are widely known for their anti-ageing properties. In the bath or shower (and after you have fully… bathed or showered!) apply a home-made moisturizer consisting of mashed up avocado and coconut oil and apply liberally all over your body. Massage thoroughly for a few minutes, concentrating on the knees, elbows and anywhere else that may need a little more attention. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water to reveal luxuriously soft skin. Pat dry and shimmy out of the bathroom, reveling in the knowledge that your skin is now as soft as silk!

So there you have it!

Just a few of my favourite home-made avocado recipes that will definitely improve your skin and hair.

Do give these recipes a go and let me know how they worked for you.

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