"The Amazing Green Team" Paying It Forward In Memory of James "JB" Benton

Ashley Benton, the founder and Ceo of "The Green Team," is definitely at the top of my list as one of the most amazing women I know. Benton is paying it forward by giving back to her local community and providing essential needs to needy families and abroad. Benton's dad fell ill and was in need of a transplant; NFL player Chris Henry had passed around this time and his organs were a perfect match for Benton's dad. Benton's dad passed away 17 weeks later from a massive heart attack.

After the passing of her father she had vowed to keep the memory of her dad alive and to follow in her father's footsteps by sharing his spirit of giving with not only her local community, but with people all over the world. As Benton gave unto the community there were many that saw her efforts and assisted her in getting this awesome organization off the ground. A woman by the name of Susan Thompson that saw Benton's story and flew down to meet her.Thompson then paid for the 501c3 so that the Green Team would become a legal nonprofit organization. There was also a lady out of Texas named Ann Young that helps Benton with marketing and putting together all of "The Green Team Helping Hands, Inc," so they could prepare a Thanksgiving feast for the homeless.

The help didn't stop there; there was another individual that assisted Benton with her efforts by the name of Alexander Bryant that created the logo free of charge that also lives in Texas. Benton received help from others and wanted each and every one of them to know that she is extremely grateful for all the love, support, and encouragement that she received in getting The Green Team off to a great start. Benton at one point was homeless and living out of her vehicle along with her children. She can recall how it felt to not have a place to call home or being without a hot meal.

When it comes to those that she serve in her community Benton's heart goes out to each individual she meets. It has been an amazing 2 years for Benton and the members of The Green Team as they get together every Sunday at City Center Park in Greensboro, NC at 12:30 pm to provide a meal and basic essentials for the Hungry and homeless. The Green Team is more than just your average nonprofit organization; it has become a ministry to the men and women in her local community and abroad. Benton sees this as her life's calling and believes that if her dad and Chris Henry were alive today that they would be extremely proud to see what a phenomenal job The Green Team is doing for those in need. Benton's ultimate goal is to find a building where she can continue to not only serve the hungry and homeless, but to also provide a welcoming and comfortable environment.

No matter the weather, rain, ice, sleet, or snow; you can count on The Green Team Helping Hands, inc. Their mission is to provide the necessary essentials, a hot plate, and encouragement to those in need.

Ashley Benton pictured here feeding the hungry and homeless