'The Amazing Race' Finale: Rachel And Dave Cross The Finish Line First ... Twice! (VIDEO)

It would be impossible to fathom the emotional roller coaster that Rachel and Dave went on toward the end of "The Amazing Race" (Sun., 8 p.m. ET on CBS). They were looking to set a new record for legs won by taking their eight leg, and the million dollars. And they hit the finish line to the cheering of the eliminated contestants. However...

What a terrible time to find out that they'd missed a Roadblock! Even more shocking was when they went back to do it, Rachel quickly flew past Art on a Hawaiian sled and then just as quickly finished up the task. No one had ever been sent back from the Finish Line, but to get sent back and then come back and win it all anyway is nothing short of astonishing.

Art and JJ finally got it together after Brendan and Rachel arrived. They scored a second place finish, with "Big Brother" coming in third. Ralph & Vanessa were eliminated during the penultimate leg when an ankle injury slowed Vanessa down too much during a fun and wacky Japanese game show task.

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