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The Answers Are In Your Body

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Your body is an extraordinary source of truth. If there is a path you should avoid, you'll quickly be alerted by that feeling in your stomach. If there is something you're not expressing, your body will give you the heads up with a lump in your throat. And if you want to know the answer to your life purpose or dream partner, don't try to work it out in your head. Your body will show you by deeply relaxing, bubbling with joy or simply feeling at home. Your body is the keeper of the secrets of your soul. But you've probably been encouraged to look for the answers elsewhere. Outside of yourself. Sometimes mistakingly in the form of money, possessions, meaningless interactions or escapism. Other times through doctrines, enforced beliefs, imposed rules and others' expectations. It's a trap to assume that someone else knows better. There is nothing more powerful than your own intuition.

In the past it's been dismissed as something "new agey" or mystical, but the science of intuition is now a credible field. Scientists have discovered that there is not one, but two distinct operating systems amongst humans. One is quick, instinctive and intuitive and has been around since prehistoric times whilst the other is a newer evolution and relies on more rational and conscious process. And it's no surprise that researchers have found the intuitive system knows the answers long before the rational one does.

Many studies have revealed that trusting your intuition leads to better outcomes than relying on your thinking and rational brain. In one of these studies car buyers were divided into two groups. One group was given time to pour over specifications and information, and analyse their car choices. The other group made a quick instinctive decision. Those who relied on their intuition were satisfied with their purchase 60% of the time, compared with the 25% who spent time analyzing the information.

It's one of the most powerful resources you have, but accessing it means taking a journey back to your body. To value sensory knowledge, not just intellectual knowledge. In our search for progress many people have lost touch with the signals of their body and become too familiarised with the analysis in their heads. The separation of mind and body has been the most damaging divorce in history.

If your internal world is as busy and distracted as the external one, it is likely that hooking into your intuition happens less frequently than it used to. Unless you take the time to go inside and connect with your inner self, the voice will get weaker. Or worse still, your over-analytical fear voice will take over.

Intuition is like a muscle. It grows stronger with use. Tapping in daily ensures the phone line is in place so you are well equipped to make the call. So next time you need to make a decision, get clarity or direction, don't be tempted to rely on google, experts or a friend. Consider accessing your own pool of wisdom instead. It lies deep within every cell in your body. And the closer connection you make with your body, the closer you will come to knowing the truth.