The Anti-Diversity Backlash Is Not Just Google's Problem. Here's The Fix.

A simple, intuitive fix for the anti-diversity problem facing Google and other corporate giants in tech industry is staring them in the face. Exponential growth in technology demands that not only Google, but the entire tech industry in the San Francisco Bay area – a 770,300 strong workforce in 2016 –  rapidly embrace diversity or fall behind to innovators in other countries. The biggest mistake the anti-diversity employees in the U.S. and those in leadership who keep them on the payroll are making is to underestimate the value of women’s skills.

They need to understand that key skill sets that are now proven “hardwired” in the female brain are exactly what need to be linked in a dynamic synergy with 10 complementary and opposite “hardwired” traits found in the male brain in order to manage the complexities of today’s volatile world.

The lack of appreciation and respect for critical, timely skills that women naturally possess to manage  21st Century complexity is the missing link need to create a positive change in workforce behavior, right now!

The rules of engagement are simple and straight forward. The FIX doesn’t require long term training programs, a team of psychologists, or in depth report. At 10TRAITS Leadership, for example, our focus on a different approach to gender equality.  We’ve created a toolkit of patent-pending tools that focus on creating a structural change at the cultural level of an organization by balancing gender traits for improved decision-making. This process is OPEN to all levels of an organization and enable HR leaders to tell staff, “Your success is our success” and mean it.

Based on a dozen fields of science, this straight forward approach to the “resistance movement” rises above the level of conflict.  Intuitive, it transfers knowledge to the user in a single view. Like DaVinci’s Vitruvian Man – it offers instant access to an “Aha!” moment. By taking advantage of a dynamic synergy between key male and female traits, organizations can learn how to accelerate and stabilize a positive structural change in the hiring, team building and decision making process, on demand.

Alexia Parks 10TRAITS work focuses on better gender balance in corporations and patent-pending trait-based leadership development training.  As a United Nations Mentor, Alexia Parks mentored the young leader who became the #1 Goldman Sachs/Fortune Most Powerful Woman in the World Award Winner in 2014. 

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