The Anti-New Year's Resolution Revolution

My favorite mantra is "I am enough. I have enough." Maybe 2015 is the year that I will be brave enough to really believe that. How about you?
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It's that time of year when you feel all sorts of strange pressure to resolve to be better about something. Well, I'm sort of over resolutions. Probably because, at 44, I know I'm not going to change much, and I've never actually lived up to any of my sweeping and unrealistic goals before -- so why kid myself. Guess what? My thighs will always have some cellulite on them, because I'm a human being with a car who likes chocolate, bread and wine way more than working out.

So, I got to thinking and wondering what would happen if I shifted the New Year's Resolution paradigm to find out what exactly people aren't going to resolve to do next year. I hopped onto my Facebook author page and wrote this message:

I've never been much for making resolutions, so let's play a different game.

What's your anti-New Year's resolution?

What do I mean? Well, what do you know is bad for you, or you should probably change, or try to accomplish, but screw it, you're not going to?

I'll start... (God I hope you don't all leave me hanging and say crap like you don't have any bad habits or of course you are going to try to be better people. You'll be dead to me!)

Okay... here goes...

I resolve that I'm not going to organize my photos, print them and make albums. Probably never, but definitely not in 2015. And I'm not going to keep a gratitude journal or any other kind of journal either, ever.

There. I said it. It was so much easier than lying to myself.

Your turn...

What happened next was kind of extraordinary. People started to write in their anti-resolutions, and it was inspiring! I was not alone. Plenty of women and men knew exactly what they were never going to give up, change, or lie to themselves about in 2015. It became addicting. People who don't know each other started commenting and replying to each other, "liking" each other's stuff, adding to the conversation and virtually high-fiving each other for some much-needed honesty about who we are and how we are kind of OK with it. We collectively resolved that being perfect is a bore, and instead declared that we were going to remain our imperfect, real selves without apology.

It's a movement. It's a revolution. Join us! Comment below about what you are not changing about yourself in 2015... or maybe ever. Celebrate the New Year with an acceptance of your true self and the reassurance that you are not alone in just wanting to be you. My favorite mantra is "I am enough. I have enough." Maybe 2015 is the year that I will be brave enough to really believe that. How about you?

Here's a sampling of the comments that will forever inspire me...

  1. "I solemnly swear that I will continue to spend HOURS wasted on Pinterest planning all of the things I will never do." -Stacey

  • "I am never going to get my attic or basement organized! I may throw some things away and find some space for more sh*t I don't need, but it will never be the boxed and labeled organized masterpiece that I dream of!" -Christine
  • "This house is not getting cleaned or painted." -Lynda
  • "I will never fold underwear, pair socks, or iron clothes. That feels good!" -Wendy
  • "I will not stop swearing upon occasion. I will attempt not to swear in front of my kids, but probably won't succeed." -Suzanne
  • "I realize it will be another year before I get around to spreading aunt Edna's ashes. She just sits on my closet shelf waiting for me not to procrastinate another year..." -Aryn
  • "I'm never going to relinquish my addiction to kitchen gadgets no matter how much my husband hates it." -Pam
  • "I'm not going to stop drinking Diet Coke; sorry, just isn't going to happen no matter how many tell me what it's doing to my insides....." -Katherine
  • "I'm not going to make time for myself and will continue to put myself last. I won't try to get out of my pajamas, or pee before I get the kids changed and fed in the mornings. LOL" -AngieJonathan
  • "I'm not gonna stop spending exorbitant amounts of money on tattoos. I got 4 last year alone." -Nîkölãs
  • See all the comments on my Facebook page, and join me there for more conversations to come!

    Happy New Year, Everyone! M.

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