The Antidote to "I'm Sorry, But We Seem to Have Lost Your Luggage."

Are you tired of lugging oversized baggage and waiting in long airport check-in and security lines? Are you tired of being charged for an oversized golf bag, surfboard or dive bag? Have you arrived at your vacation destination only to find your luggage missed the flight?

Here's the antidote! Next time, ship your bags or sporting equipment in advance of your trip.

According to a report issued by the U.S. Department of Transportation, in 2012 for every 1,000-airline passengers, 3.52 bags are lost, stolen or damaged. Add that to the stepped-up airport security, extra fees for overweight bags and extra luggage, and you can see why sports equipment and luggage shipping companies have become so popular.

So if you're tired of all the crazy-cold weather, and on your way to Hawaii -- the land of sunshine, mai tais and warm tropical breezes, have peace-of-mind knowing your bags and toys will be waiting for you at your destination. It's convenient, guaranteed and worry-free.

Sports Express
Taking a bicycle on a plane is hassle enough. Ever tried to check-in with a kayak? Sports Express promises to get your beloved sporting equipment safely to your destination before you do. Heading to Maui for a vacation? The fee for transporting a bicycle case up to 65lbs from the mainland United States via three-day standard delivery: $279 (866) 416-7447

Luggage Forward
Perhaps the best-known suitcase service, Luggage Forward guarantees door-to-door international delivery of your luggage, golf clubs or excess baggage safely to more than 200 countries worldwide -- on time. Best Perk: You can track your luggage online and they offer a full money-back PLUS $500 on-time guarantee. Are you snowbird heading to your vacation home in Hawaii for an extended stay and need some extra items? The fee for a 75lbs oversized bag, via seven-day delivery from Canada to Honolulu, HI: $279. (617) 482-1100

FedEx will ship luggage as-is to any location you designate and pick up the bags from your house. Are you heading to Maui for a surf-cation? Five-day delivery for a surfboard from Beverly Hills, CA to Maui, HI with $1000 insurance: $180. Second-day delivery: $297. Priority overnight: $396. (800) GO FED EX or (800) 463-3339

Already in Hawaii? Did you forget your clubs at home? UPS will ship luggage and some sports equipment as-is to any location you designate. Three-day delivery for a standard set of golf clubs from Seattle, WA to Maui, HI with $800 insurance: $212. (800) PICK-UPS® or (800) 742-5877

Rates and information may change. Please check with each company for a personalized quote.