The AP Makes My Head Hurt, Again

Another analysis gem from the Associated Press. We'll just highlight one of the more idiotic portions. It's where the AP's Jennifer Loven struggles mightily to keep afloat her divisive, the-Clinton's-stole-the-convention theme. How did she know it was true? Well, because Hillary had the key speaking role Tuesday night. As for Biden's performance in the same time slot last night, here's Loven:

"As the evening's final speaker, Biden held the so-called prime-time slot. Yet, in Eastern and Central time zones, Biden wound up on TV after many folk's bedtimes and it was Bill Clinton people saw, being cheered so roundly that he had to plead "Please stop... Please sit" to be heard."

For those keeping track, in the Central time zones Biden began speaking at approximately 9:20 Wednesday night. But according to the AP, that was "after many folks' bedtime."

We just can't make this stuff up.

Originally posted at Count Fair, a new media blog at Media Matters for America.