The Argentinian Werewolf Scandal: Why You Shouldn't Believe Everything You Read


On 23rd December, 2014, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, the President of Argentina, formally adopted Yair Tawil, a 21-year-old Argentinian Jewish boy, as her godson. The adoption wasn't really a media circus, just a little candlelight ceremony at the Tawil residence. Of course, with the adoption came the usual benefits, a full educational scholarship for Yair Tawil as well as the title of being the President's godswon, complete with a gold medal. However, what President Kirchner described as a "magical moment", soon turned into a publicity nightmare.

Following the Independent, several media outlets of the world began reporting that the real reason behind the President of Argentina adopting a young boy of twenty-one was to save his family from a mythical East-European curse of the nineteenth century.

As per the legend, the seventh born son or daughter of an Argentinian family would be born accursed, doomed to turn into a deformed mythical werewolf-like creature that'll reveal itself on the child's 13th birthday. The creature, called El Lobison or El Lobizon, would from then on feed on excrement, babies and fresh corpses.

The Independent reported that the legend was so feared in 19th cenury Argentina, that parents would sell or even murder their seventh born to avoid the curse. Thus, by adopting Yair Tawil, President Kirchner was actually "rescuing" the family of this terrible curse.

The fear of reincarnating such a diabolical superstition in the modern worl would indeed be horrifying, if it were true. But turns out it isn't. The initial media reports got the Argentinian suyperstition confused with yet another Argentinian tradition by which every seventh son/daughter of an Argentinian family becomes eligible for being the President's godson. This is an East European tradition that was yet extended to Christian babies only, but is now applicable to Jews thanks to Pres. Kirchner.

The real question is, what could've caused such a misunderstanding? Was it just one incorrect report? Or the general public character to believe everything we read?

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