The Art of Dining: Turner Prize Winner Martin Creed (VIDEO)

Turner Prize winner Martin Creed gives lessons on the art of dining. In a quest to revamp a room in iconic London restaurant Sketch, Creed managed to give birth to an unusual dining experience.

In what looks like a large-scale version of the artist's very own dining room, the space is adorned with colorful murals and frames and an impressive floorboard made up of 96 different types of marble (work no. 1347). In order to provide diners with a unique experience each time, curator Victoria Brooks commissioned a team to source singular pieces of furniture, cutlery, crockery and glassware (also known as work no. 1343). From Ikea to Konstantin Grcic, Barnaba Fornasetti and granny's favourites, every table has a distinct set-up.

Apart from bringing in Creed's playful approach to interior design, co-founder and three Michelin-starred chef, Pierre Gagnaire, developed a superb menu with special Martin Creed dishes to reflect the artist's creativity. Brushstrokes of coulis and turnips for pencils make up one of the signature dishes available on the a la carte menu. To finish off a great evening, try the Malabar, a dessert made with bubble gum ice cream, strawberry mousse and marshmallow.




Additional reporting by Seyna Van Der Linden for App now available for Nokia devices from the OVI Store