The Art of Layering

The Art of Layering
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Layering is a key word in the fashion. Why is layering so great? It allows for more creativity, a little eccentricity, and usually means less skin is on display. Plus, with the simple addition of another piece you can create an entirely different outfit. Layering certainly isn't new to the fashion world. The draw back to the layered look if not done properly is that it can leave even the most well-intentioned person looking frumpy and unkempt. There is an art to layering. Stick to the same color family. Whether you're going to go blue, or yellow try to go with colors that can all fit in the same color family. Going crazy on the color will leave you looking more like a clown than an aspiring fashionista. Think shape. Layering should not diminish the body's natural shape. It shouldn't look like you are walking around in a sack. Try a belt or fitted jacket to give some shape and dimension to the outfit. Go beyond the moment. Make sure layers can be taken off and added as needed without causing embarrassment as to what's underneath. Be creative. Think outside the box. What can be paired together? Experiment with various options. And you might consider carrying a larger handbag when layering clothes for fashion. If the weather warms up and you need to take off one or multiple pieces of clothing, a large handbag will be a good place to store the extra clothing! It is important too to choose thin fabrics when layering clothes for fashion. If you choose bulky knits, your outfit will be uncomfortable and make you look larger than you are. If you're going for a polished and professional look layer a cardigan over a fitted top. Avoid having a boring look and instead of going a safe matchy-matchy look- it's very dated and can be a bit boring, go for two different shades of the same colour and add an unexpected accessory to your look, like a statement necklace or belt. For a stylish look mix different fabrics - put a sequined cardigan or shrug over a T-shirt, a short military inspired blazer over a simple top or a waistcoat/vest over a white shirt. Layering is not only for the upper part of your body. Layer the bottom half with tights and leggings worn under a skirt or even pants under a dress or skirt for a stylish and trendy look. Wearing tight, long sleeved shirts under T-shirt is not the way to go, if you're no longer a teenager. But wearing a tight regular long sleeve shirt under a short leather jacket or tee with 3/4 sleeves and a scarf is going to make you look very stylish and chic. Scarfs are an essential item when wanting to achieve the layered look. Mixing classical items with modern items always creates stylish outfits. I love using waistcoats when I want to layer the clothes. It is a great look for many different occasions and leaves you with many different choices. Choose a waistcoat with sequins or some other details to avoid looking old fashioned. Look for thin cardigans, they can be worn over a tee or shirt or under a jacket. A silk top is the best starting piece to start layering on top of it. Always make sure to wear your longer items as a base and gradually go shorter. Your turn now.

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