The Art of Living

We are all artists walking our own journey of self-discovery. Some of us are painters, poets, musicians. Others are architects, mechanics, and teachers. Many are mothers, fathers and athletes. No matter if you are an entrepreneur, salesman, gardener, farmer, writer, we all have the ability to create magic with our purpose and then to inspire others by delivering our masterpieces.

For example, a fellow writer Christi Guthrie just had an enlightening experience meeting Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone of American Young. She wrote:

American Young

Love is War artists American Young harness a sound that is like pulling an old record off the shelf that gets dusted off and played. The old familiar melody carries a remembrance of an emotion that had no words. Kristy Osmunson and Jon Stone deliver an organic sound creating a movement of delivering hope through music without boundaries.

Jon and Kristy came on the scene in Nashville in 2013 after an impromptu meeting when both circles of friends gathered together. Jon Stone, a former solo act, Kristy Osmunson, a fiddler in Bomshel, both songwriters, producers were the missing pieces to puzzle that would become the movement of American Young. The two instantly had a unified vision of doing the right thing and passing down truth and inspiration. The two began creating no matter what. With their purpose and vison American Young started attracting the right team further strengthening the belief. The momentum of AY has been a rising tide. The methodical way they share their Yin and Yang energy through storytelling leaves the only promotion needed is to press play. Lyrics pull at your heartstrings while harmonies dance in your mind long after the lights are down and the curtain is drawn leaving a listener different.

From three states in three days the signed Curb Record Artists, touring with nationally acclaimed Country Artist Lee Brice, Kristy and Jon prove that American Young is grasping the younger generation with an old soul mystique resonating globally. Their uniquely definable sound, their commitment to changing the world through music (merchandise profits from last two shows have been donated to the victims in Oregon), and their authentic chemistry leave me wanting, wishing and waiting for more of the wonder of American Young.

It is through Christi's art of capturing emotion with words that she is able to inspire people to listen to American Young. It is the musician's artistry that will plant seeds of passion empowering listeners to reach for their hearts purpose. It is the readers/listeners who move with purpose that evoke the writers, musicians, painters, architects, etc. to create.

We are all intricately connected by living our purpose; adding color to each others life. A good friend once said, "Some of us are the brush stroke while others are the paint."