'The Art Of Making, Alma Flamenca': 299 Hours Of Guitar Construction In 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

If you want to get rich, don't build flamenco guitars. The Spanish instruments take an improbable number of hours to come into being -- 299, according to a new film "The Art Of Making, Alma Flamenca."

The second in a series on people who work with their hands, the film, by Greece-based studio Deep Green Sea, documents the making of a single guitar by Greek builder Vassilis Lazarides. The process is compressed into 3 minutes and annotated in a way that makes it clear just how painstaking the labor really is -- at 238 hours in, Lazarides still has 15 coats of lacquer to apply. Still, some things are worth the effort: just check out that strung-through footage of Dutch guitarist Edsart Udo De Haes expertly strumming a finished instrument.


To watch Deep Green Sea's earlier film "The Carpenter," head to the studio's site.

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