The Art Of Motherhood: The Best Representation Of Mothers In Art (PHOTOS)

The Best Mothers In Art

HuffPost Arts would like to officially thank moms everywhere for their countless gifts of strength and inspiration. What better way is there to express our eternal gratitude than to celebrate motherhood through our favorite images of mothers in art, starting with Whistler's beloved matriarch.

As you'll see below, some artists idealize motherhood while others seem a bit more traumatized (...ahem, Louise Bourgeois). We're not sure how the mothers of creative kids managed to foster such creative offspring, but we're certainly glad they did. We hope that it is fitting that the works below show a range of mothers, because motherhood is a complex, difficult task.

Happy Mother's Day, mothers of the world! Raising a child is an art in itself and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Let us know your favorite paintings of mothers in the comments below, or share your own thoughts about your creative moms, too!

Mothers In Art

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